Saunt Petersburg

(Reguidit frae Saint Petersburg)
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This airticle is aboot the ceety in Roushie. For the ceety in Florida, USA, see St. Petersburg, Florida. For other uses, see Saunt Petersburg (disambiguation).

Saunt Petersburg (Roushie: Aboot this soondСа́нкт-Петербу́рг , romanised: Sankt-Peterburg, lit. 'ˈsankt pʲɪtʲɪrˈburk') is a ceety an a federal subject (a federal ceety) o Roushie locatit on the Neva River at the heid o the Guwf o Finland on the Easter Seas. The ceety's ither names wis Petrograd (Roushie: Петроград, 1914–1924) an Leningrad (Roushie: Ленинград, 1924–1991). It is aften cawed juist Petersburg (Roushie: Петербург) an is informally kent as Piter (Roushie: Питер).

Saunt Petersburg
Clockwise frae top left: Saunt Isaac's Cathedral rises ower the ceety, Peter an Paul Fortress on Zayachy Island, Palace Square wi the Alexander Column, Petergof, Nevsky Prospekt, an the Winter Palace
Banner o Saunt Petersburg
Coat o airms o Saunt Petersburg
Coat o airms
Saint Petersburg in Russia (detail, special marker).png
Coordinates: 59°57′N 30°19′E / 59.950°N 30.317°E / 59.950; 30.317Coordinates: 59°57′N 30°19′E / 59.950°N 30.317°E / 59.950; 30.317
Federal destrictNorthwastren[1]
Economic regionNorthwastren[2]
Established27 Mey 1703[3]
 • BodiLegislative Assembly
 • GovrenorGeorgy Poltavchenko (actin)
 • Total1,439 km2 (556 sq mi)
Aurie rank82nt
 (2010 Census)[5]
 • Total4,879,566
 • Estimate 
5,351,935 (+9.7%)
 • Rank4t
 • Density3,400/km2 (8,800/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Rural
Time zoneUTC+3 (Moscow Time Edit this on Wikidata[7])
ISO 3166 codeRU-SPE
License plates78, 98, 178
OKTMO ID40000000
Offeecial leidsRoushie[8]

Foondit bi Tsar Peter the Great on 27 Mey 1703, it wis the caipital o the Roushie Empire for mair nor twa hunder years (1713–1728, 1732–1918). Saunt Petersburg ceased bein the caipital in 1918 efter the Roushie Revolution o 1917. It is Roushie's seicont lairgest ceety efter Moscow wi 4.6 million indwallers, an fowert in Europe efter Istanbul, Lunnon an Moscow. Saunt Petersburg is a major European cultural centre, an an important Roushie port on the Easter Seas.

Saunt Petersburg is aften describit as the maist Wastren ceety o Roushie. Amang ceeties o the warld wi ower ane million fowk, Saunt Petersburg is the northmaist. The Heestoric Centre o Saunt Petersburg an Related Groups o Monuments constitute a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid. Saunt Petersburg is an aa hame tae The Hermitage, the lairgest airt museum in the warld. Roushie's poleetical an cultural centre for 200 year, the ceety is whiles referred tae in Roushie as the Northren Caipital. Ower its history it haes been referencit as "the Venice o the north" an the "Northren Palmira" an aw. A lairge nummer o foreign consulates, internaitional corporations, banks an ither businesses are locatit in Saunt Petersburg.


Saunt Petersburg is the seicont lairgest ceety in Roushie. Per the 2010 Census, the federal subject's population is 4,879,566, or 3.4% o the tot population o Roushie;[5] up frae 4,661,219 (3.21%) recordit in the 2002 Census,[9] an doun frae 5,023,506 recordit in the 1989 Census.[10]

The 2010 Census recordit the ethnic composition as follaes:[5] Roushie 92.5%, Ukrainian 1.5%, Belaroushies 0.9%, Jewish 0.6%, Tatar 0.7%, Uzbek 0.5%, Armenie 0.5%, Azeri 0.4%, Tajik 0.3%, Georgie 0.2%, Moldovan 0.2%, Finns 0.1%. Additionally, 652,827 fowk wur registered frae admeenistrative databases, an coud no declare an ethnicity. It is estimatit that the proportion o ethnicities in this group is the same as that o the declared group.[11]

The 20t century saw hectic ups an douns in population. Frae 2.4 million in 1916 it haed droppit tae less nor 740,000 bi 1920 durin the Roushie Revolution an Roushie Ceevil War. The minorities o Germans, Poles, Finns, Estonies an Latvies wur amaist completely transferred frae Leningrad durin the 1930s.[12] Frae 1941 tae the end o 1943, population droppit frae 3 million tae less nor 600,000, as fowk dee'd in battles, starvit tae daith durin the Siege o Leningrad, or wur evacuatit. Efter the siege, some o the evacuees returned, but maist influx wis due tae migration frae ither pairts o the Soviet Union. The ceety absorbit aboot 3 million fowk in the 1950s an grew tae ower 5 million in the 1980s. Frae 1991 tae 2006 the ceety's population decreased tae the 4.6 million, while the suburban population increased due tae privatization o land an massive muive tae suburbs. Based on the 2010 census results the current population is ower 4.8 million.[13][14] The birth rate remains lawer than the daith rate; fowk ower 65 constitute mair nor twinty percent o the population; an the median age is aboot 40 year.[15]

Fowk in urban Saunt Petersburg live maistly in apairtments. Atween 1918 an the 1990s, the Soviets naitionalisit hoosin an forcit residents tae share communal apairtments (kommunalkas). Wi 68% livin in shared flats in the 1930s, Leningrad wis the ceety in the USSR wi the lairgest nummer o kommunalkas. Resettlin residents o kommunalkas is nou on the wey oot, albeit shared apairtments are still no uncommon. As new burghs wur biggit on the ootskirts in the 1950s–1980s, ower hauf a million law income faimilies eventually receivit free apairtments, an aboot an additional hunder thoosan condos wur purchased. While economic an social activity is concentratit in the historic ceety centre, the richest pairt o Saunt Petersburg, maist fowk live in commuter auries. For the first hauf o 2007, the birth rate wis 9.1 per 1000.[16]


Further information: Govrenment in Saunt Petersburg
The Mariinsky Palace, seat o the ceety assembly
Smolny Institute, the seat o the govrenor

Saunt Petersburg is a federal subject of Roushie.[17] The poleetical life o Saunt Petersburg is regulatit bi the ceety chairter adoptit bi the ceety legislatur in 1998.[18] The superior executive body is the Saunt Petersburg Ceety Admeenistration, led bi the govrenor (mayor afore 1996). Saunt Petersburg haes a single-chamber legislatur, the Saunt Petersburg Legislative Assembly.

Accordin tae the federal law passed in 2004, heids o federal subjects, includin the govrenor o Saint Petersburg, are nominatit bi the Preses o Roushie an approvit bi local legislaturs. If the legislatur disappruives the nominee, it is dissolvit.

Saunt Petersburg ceety is currently dividit intae aichteen districts. Saunt Petersburg is an aw the admeenistrative centre o Leningrad Oblast, an o the Northwastren Federal Destrict.[19] The Constitutional Court o Roushie muivit tae Saunt Petersburg frae Moscow in Mey 2008.

Saunt Petersburg an Leningrad Oblast, bein twa different federal subjects, share a nummer o local depairtments o federal executive agencies an courts, sic as court o arbitration, polis, FSB, postal service, drog enforcement admeenistration, penitentiary service, federal registration service, an ither federal services.

Twin touns an sister ceetiesEedit

Leet o sister ceeties tae Saunt Petersburg, juist lik it appears on the offeecial portal o the Ceety Govrenment, leetin baith sister ceeties an pairtnership tees:[20]

Ither sisterhuids no on the govrenment leet:


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