Khartoum (الخرطوم al-Kharṭūm) is the caipital o Sudan an o Khartoum State. It is locatit at the confluence o the White Nile flowin north frae Lake Victoria, an the Blue Nile flowin wast frae Ethiopie. The location whaur the twa Niles meet is kent as "al-Mogran". The main Nile continues tae flow north towards Egyp an the Mediterranean Sea.


الخرطوم al-Kharṭūm
Khartoum at nicht
Khartoum at nicht
The Triangular Ceety
Khartoum is located in Sudan
Khartoum's location in Sudan
Coordinates: 15°38′N 032°32′E / 15.633°N 32.533°E / 15.633; 32.533Coordinates: 15°38′N 032°32′E / 15.633°N 32.533°E / 15.633; 32.533
Kintra Sudan
 • GovrenorAbdul Rahman Alkhidir
 • Urban
 • Metro
5,274,321 (Khartoum State)
Time zoneUTC+3
 • Summer (DST)No observit

Dividit bi the Niles, Khartoum is a tripartite metropolis wi an estimatit oweraw population o ower a million fowk consistin o Khartoum proper, an linkt bi briges tae Khartoum North cawed (al-Khartūm Bahrī) an Omdurman (Umm Durmān) tae the wast.

Etymology Eedit

The wird 'Khartoum' is derived frae Arabic Al-Jartūm الجرطوم meanin "end o an elephant’s trunk", probably referrin tae the narrae strip o land extendin atween the Blue an White Niles.[1] Captain J. A. Grant, who reached Khartoum in 1863 wi Captain Speke’s expedition, thocht that the derivation wis maist probably frae the safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius L.) which is cawed 'Gartoon,' an which wis cultivatit extensively in Egyp for its ile, uised in burnin.

Twin ceeties Eedit

Notes Eedit

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