ceety in wastren Ukraine

Lviv (Ukrainian: Львів L’viv, IPA: [lʲʋiw] ( listen); [Львов, L'vov] error: {{lang-xx}}: text has italic markup (help); Pols: Lwów; German: Lemberg; Laitin: Leopolis; see an aa ither names) is a ceety in wastren Ukraine.


View o the historic Auld Toun o Lviv.
View o the historic Auld Toun o Lviv.
Banner o Lviv
Coat of airms o Lviv
Coat airms
Official logo of Lviv
Lviv is located in Ukraine
Map o Ukraine (blue) wi Lviv (red) heichlichtit.
Lviv is located in Lviv Oblast
Lviv (Lviv Oblast)
Coordinates: 49°49′48″N 24°00′51″E / 49.83000°N 24.01417°E / 49.83000; 24.01417Coordinates: 49°49′48″N 24°00′51″E / 49.83000°N 24.01417°E / 49.83000; 24.01417
Kintra Ukraine
Oblast Lviv Oblast
RaionLviv Raion
Magdeburg law1353
 • MayorAndriy Sadovyi
 • City182.01 km2 (70.27 sq mi)
296 m (971 ft)
 • City760,000
 • Density4298/km2 (11,130/sq mi)
 • Metro
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)+380 32(2)
Licence plateBC (afore 2004: ТА,ТВ,ТН,ТС)
Sister ceetiesCorning, Freiburg, Grozny, Kraków, Novi Sad, Przemyśl, Saunt Petersburg, Whitstable, Winnipeg, Rochdale
Website (English) (Ukrainian)

The ceety is regardit as ane o the main cultural centres o the day's Ukraine an historically haes an aa been a major Pols an Jewish cultural center, as Poles an Jews wur the twa main ethnicities o the ceety till the ootbreak o Warld War II an the follaein Holocaust an Pols population transfers (1944–1946). The historical hert o Lviv wi its auld biggins an cobblestane roads haes survived Warld War II an ensuin Soviet presence lairgely unscathed. The ceety haes mony industries an institutions o heicher education sic as the Lviv University an the Lviv Polytechnic. Lviv is an aw a hame tae mony warld-cless cultural institutions, includin a philharmonic orchestra an the famous Lviv Theatre o Opera an Ballet. The historic ceety centre is on the UNESCO Warld Heritage Leet. Lviv celebratit its 750t anniversary wi a son et lumière in the ceety centre in September 2006.

On 12 Juin 2009 the Ukrainian magazine Focus assessed Lviv as the best Ukrainian ceety tae live in.[1] Its mair Wastren European flavor lends it the nickname the "Little Paris o Ukraine".



Lviv wis foondit in 1256 in Red Ruthenie bi Keeng Danylo Halytskyi o the Ruthenian principality o Halych-Volhynie, an named in honour o his son, Lev. Thegither wi the rest o Red Ruthenie, Lviv wis captured bi the Kinrick o Poland in 1349 durin the reign o Pols keeng Casimir III the Great. Lviv belanged tae the Croun o the Kinrick o Poland 1349–1772, the Austrian Empire 1772–1918 an the Seicont Pols Republic 1918–1939. Wi the Invasion o Poland at the ootbreak o the seicont Warld War, the ceety o Lviv wi adjacent land wur annexed an incorporatit intae the Soviet Union, becomin pairt o the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic frae 1939 tae 1941. Atween Juie 1941 an Julie 1944 Lviv wis unner German occupation an wis locatit in the General Govrenment. In Julie 1944 it wis captured bi the Soviet Reid Airmy an the Pols Hame Airmy. Accordin tae the greements o the Yalta Conference, Lviv wis again integratit intae the Ukrainian SSR.

Efter the collapse o the Soviet Union in 1991, the ceety remained a pairt o the nou independent Ukraine, for which it currently serves as the admeenistrative centre o Lviv Oblast, an is designatit as its awn raion (destrict) athin that oblast.

Internaitional relations


Twin touns — sister ceeties

Aleksander Fredro monument, muivit frae Lviv tae Wrocław, its sister ceety, efter Warld War II.
Ceety State Year
Winnipeg Canadae 1973
Freiburg im Breisgau Germany 1989
Rzeszów Poland 1992
Rochdale United Kinrick 1992
Budapest Hungary 1993
Rishon LeZion Israel 1993
Przemyśl Poland 1995
Kraków[2] Poland 1995
Grozny Roushie 1998
Novi Sad Serbie 1999
Samarkand Uzbekistan 2000
Kutaisi Georgie 2002
Wrocław[3] Poland 2003
Łódź Poland 2003
Banja Luka Bosnie an Herzegovinae 2004
Lublin Poland 2004
Saunt Petersburg Roushie 2006



Lviv is ane o the lairgest ceeties in Ukraine an is growin rapidly. Accordin tae the Meenistry o Economy o Ukraine the average salary in the Lviv Oblast is a little less nor the average for Ukraine which in December 2007 wis aboot 1616 UAH. In 2006 Ukraine's economic freedom wis ratit at 3.24 (whaur a ratin 1.0 is "freer" than a ratin 5.0). Accordin tae the World Bank classification Lviv is a lawer middle-income ceety. Thare are mony restaurants an shops as well as street vendors o fuid, beuks, claes, traditional cultural items an tourist gifts. Bankin an money tradin are an important pairt o the economy o Lviv wi mony banks an exchynge offices throughoot the ceety.

Lviv Airlines haes its heid office on the grunds o Lviv Airport.[4]


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