Caipital ceety o' Fraunce

Paris is the caipital an maist muckle city o Fraunce. It is situatit on the river Seine, in northren Fraunce, at the hert o the Île-de-France region (or Paris Region, French: Région parisienne). The city o Paris, athin its admeenistrative limits (the 20 arrondissements), maistlins unchynged syne 1860, haes an estimatit population o 2,211,297 (Januar 2008), but the Paris metropolitan area haes a population o 12,089,098 (Januar 2008), an is ane o the maist populatit metropolitan areas in Europe. Paris wis the maistmuckle city in the Wastren warld for aboot 1,000 year, prior tae the 19t century, an the maistmuckle in the entire warld atween the 16t an 19t centuries.

Clockwise frae tap: skyline o Paris on the Seine wi the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris, the Louvre an its large pyramid, an the Arc de Triomphe
Banner o Paris
Coat of airms o Paris
Coat airms
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"Tossed but niver sunk"
Paris is located in Fraunce
Location within Île-de-France region
Paris is located in Île-de-France (region)
Coordinates: 48°51′24″N 2°21′03″E / 48.8567°N 2.3508°E / 48.8567; 2.3508Coordinates: 48°51′24″N 2°21′03″E / 48.8567°N 2.3508°E / 48.8567; 2.3508
Subdiveesions20 arrondissements
 • Mayor (2014–2020) Anne Hidalgo (PS)
 • Ceety105.4 km2 (40.7 sq mi)
 • Urban
2845 km2 (1,098 sq mi)
 • Metro
17174.4 km2 (6,631.1 sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Urban density3,700/km2 (9,700/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Metro density720/km2 (1,900/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Parisian(s) (or Parisien, Parisienne (fr)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
INSEE/Postal code
75056 /75001–75020, 75116
1 French Laund Register data, that excludes lochs, ponds, glaciers > 1 km² (0.386 sq mi or 247 acres) an river estuaries.

Kent warldwide as the Ceity o Licht (la Ville Lumière), Paris haes been a major tourist destination for centuries.[4] The ceity is weel-kent fae the beauty o its airchitectur, its urban perspectives an avenues, an the walth o its museums an aw. Biggit on an airc o the Watter Seine, it is dividit intil twa pairts: the Richt Baunk tae the north and the smawer Left Baunk tae the sooth.

Formerly the caipital o a colonial empire raxin ower five continents, Paris is yit regairdit as the hert o the French-speakin warld an haes hauden a strang international poseetion, hostin the heidquarters o the OECD an the UNESCO amang ithers. This, combined wi its financial, business, poleetical, and tourism acteevities, haes turned Paris intil ane o the major transportation hubs in the warld. New York, Lunnon, Tokyo, an Paris is aften listit as the fower major global ceeties.

The Sooth Bay airt o Paris is cried Paris-Saclay.

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