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The Reid Road wis a hoosin schame intae Balornock and Barmulloch, Glesga. Biggit in the mid-late 1960s, the Reid Road wis biggit wi steel and asbestos. Sax touers wis happit wi sheet-airn in the late 70s an early 80s. The flats wis amang the heichest biggins in Glesga, wi the sax tradietional touer-shapit anes bein 91 metre heich. The schame wis caaed for Reid Road (English: Red Road), a street on the wastren boonds o the schame. The touerblocks wis caaed doun wi explosives atween 2012 and 2015, houaniver the caain doun o 123 Petershill Drive and 10 Reid Road Court gaed agley, sae thay haed tae be caaed doun wi machine.

The Reid Road wis designed by Sam Bunton. Oot on the aicht touers, twa o thaim wis wide muckle slab blocks. Ilka slab block haed 3 sections. The lave o thaim wis 30-fluir tradietional touer-shapit blocks. The flats wis the heichest residential biggins in Europe in the time, tho heicher anes wad be biggit no lang efterhaund.

The flats wis proponed in 1961. The flats wis orieginally gaun tae be biggit wi reinforced concrete structurs wi 1,470 hooses. Houaniver, this wis chynged tae steel the follaein year.

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Alpha Condé in 2017
Alpha Condé
  • Guinean President Alpha Condé (picturt) is capturt bi airmed forces durin a coup d'état.
  • Hurricane Ida ends wi mair nor 60 daiths an causes fluidins in the Gulf Coast an Mid-Atlantic pairts o the Unitit States, leadin tae muckle pouer ootages.
  • Twa suicide bombins kill at least 72 fowk at Hamid Karzai Internaitional Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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