Theatre (frae the French: "théâtre", frae the Greek "theatron", θέατρον, meanin "place o seein") is the brainch o the performin airts defined juist as whit "occurs whan ane or mair human being, isolatit in time an/or space, presents themsels tae anither or ithers." By this braid defineetion, theatre haes existit syne the daw o man, as an affcome o the human prattick for story tellin. Sin its upmak, theatre haes come tae tak on mony furms, aften uisin elements sic as speech, gestur, muisic, dance, an spectacle, souderin the ither performin airts, aften as weel as the veesual arts, intae an aesome airteestic furm. Modren Wastren theatre is dominate by realism, awtho mony ither furms, includin clessical an experimental furms, as weel as Eastren furms, is aften performed.