Human richts is "richts an freedoms that aw humans is enteetelt tae".[1] Them that propones the concept for ordinar threaps that awbody is endoued wi certain enteetlements juist bi raison o bein human alane.[2] Frae that human richts is conceived in a universalist an egalitarian mainer. Sic enteetlements can exist as shared norms o actual human moralities, as juistifee'd moral norms or naitural richts uphauden bi strang raisons, or as legal richts aither at a naitional level or athin internaitional law.[3] Housomeiver, thare is nae consensus as tae the preceese naitur o whit in parteecular shoud or shoudna be regairdit as a human richt in ony o the aforegane senses, an the abstract concept o human richts haes been a subject o intense philosophical debate an creeticism.


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