wey that groups mak deceesions

Politics is the wey that groups maks deciesions. Aatho the term is for ordinar applee'd tae haivins athin guvernments, politics is obserred in aw human (an a wheen nae-human) group interactions, includin corporate, academic, an reliegious institutions.

Politics o Scotland


Scotland haes a wheen polietical beliefs. Tradietionally the Central Belt haes been mair left-wing an socialist, while the mair landwart airts haes been mair conservative. Glesga in partiecular is a gey socialist ceety, cawed Red Clydeside at ae pynt; the Scots Labour Pairty wis tradietionalie gey strang thare, alang wi the Scots Socialist Pairty an Solidarity. Embra haed a repute for bein mair conservativer, but haes become mair lieberal no lang syne, an the Scots Green Pairty is partiecularly strang thare.

As weel as differs atween the left an richt wings, anither muckle polietical divide in Scotland is the ane atween unionism an naitionalism; Scots naitionalism is representit bi a wheen o pairties that wants tae polietical sinder Scotland frae the UK.