Scots unthirldom

Scots unthirldom is the poleetical muivement that thinks Scotland shoud poleetical sinder itsel frae the Unitit Kinrick, an become an unthirlt kintra wi ane govrenment an a sovereign pairlament.[1] The main uphauders o this idea is the Scots National Pairty, altho the'r ither muivements in Scotland that uphaud unthirldom, sic as the Scots Socialist Pairty, Scots Green Pairty, an ither smawer groups.[2] A lairge pairt o this muivement, maistlins athin the SNP, wants tae see a Scotland closer tae the European Union, in siller-union wi ither EU kintras, in the Euro currency.

Oan 15 October 2012, the Unitit Kinrick an Scots govrenments cam tae a greement oan the legal base o the referendum whit is cried the Edinburgh Greement.[3]

The SNP govrenment, wha first came tae pour in 2007 as minority govrenment, haed a referendum oan unthirldom in hairst 2014.[4]

The Aye campaign wis cawed "Aye Scotland" an the Naw campaign wis cawed "Better Thegither".[5]


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