Scots unthirldom

Scots unthirldom is the poleetical muivement that thinks Scotland shoud be wanthirlt.

Nouadays it means at Scotland wad poleetical sinder itsel frae the Unitit Kinrick, an become an unthirlt kintra wi ane govrenment an a sovereign pairlament.[1] The main uphauders o this idea is the Scots National Pairty, altho the'r ither muivements in Scotland that uphaud unthirldom, sic as the Scots Socialist Pairty, Scots Green Pairty, an ither smawer groups.[2] A lairge pairt o this muivement, maistlins athin the SNP, wants tae see a Scotland closer tae the European Union, in siller-union wi ither EU kintras, in the Euro currency.

Oan 15 October 2012, the Unitit Kinrick an Scots govrenments cam tae a greement oan the legal base o the referendum whit is cried the Edinburgh Greement.[3]

The SNP govrenment, wha first came tae pour in 2007 as minority govrenment, haed a referendum oan unthirldom in hairst 2014.[4]

The Aye campaign wis cawed "Aye Scotland" an the Naw campaign wis cawed "Better Thegither".[5]




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