Scots Greens

(Reguidit frae Scots Green Pairty)

The Scots Green Pairty is a Scots poleetical pairty that advocates Scotland becomin an environmentally sustainable society. It haes sax MSPs in the Scots Pairlament.

Scots Green Pairty
Pàrtaidh Uaine na h-Alba
Scots Green Pairty
Co-ConvenorsPatrick Harvie MSP an Maggie Chapman
Foondit1990 (1990)
HeidquartersBonnington Mill
72 Newhaven Road
Youth weengScots Young Greens
MembershipIncrease 9,000 + [1]
IdeologyGreen politics
Scots unthirldom[2][3]
Scots republicanism[4]
Poleetical poseetionCentre-left tae Left-weeng
Internaitional affiliationGlobal Greens
European affiliationEuropean Green Pairty
European Pairlament groupN/A
UK Parliament affiliationNone,
Cooperate wi (but are independent frae) the Green Pairty o Ingland an Wales an Green Pairty in Northren Ireland
Colours     Green
Scots seats in the Hoose o Commons
0 / 59
Scots seats in the European Pairlament
0 / 6
Scots Pairlament
6 / 129
Local govrenment in Scotland
12 / 1,223
Party flag
Scottish Greens flag.svg
Politics o Scotland
Political parties


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