Patrick Harvie (born 18 Mairch 1973) is ane o the twa co-leaders[2] o the Scots Green Pairty (wi Lorna Slater)[3] an a Memmer o the Scots Pairlament fir the Glesga aurie. He wis first electit tae pairlament in the 2003 election an wis re-electit in 2007, 2011 an 2016.

Patrick Harvie

Harvie in 2021
Co-Leader o the Scottish Greens[1]
Assumed office
22 September 2008
Precedit biRobin Harper
Memmer o the Scottish Parliament
for Glasgow
(1 of 7 Regional MSPs)
Assumed office
1 May 2003
Personal details
Born (1973-03-18) 18 Mairch 1973 (age 51)
Poleetical pairtyScottish Green
Alma mater
  • Manchester Metropolitan
  • University
WabsteidOfficial wabsteid

He haes been involved in campaigns on several issues, includin the climate crisis[4], refugees, human richts, sexual halth an fuid.[5] He wis a major campaigner fur independence in the 2012-14 campaign afore the 2014 wanthirldom referendum.[5]

He is on the Finance an Standards committees, an he wis on the Economy, Transport an Communities committes an aw.[5] Efter the May 2021 elections, as pairt o a deal wi the Scots National Pairty, Harvie wis the first Meenister of Zero Carbon Buildings, Active Travel and Tenants' Rights in September 2021.[6]

Agreement wi Scots Greens an SNP at Bute House

Memmer o the Scots Pairlament


Harvie wis eleckit as MSP fur the Glesga region at the 2003 Scots Pairlament election. He's campaignt on Green issues, like agin the extension tae the M74 motorwey in Glesga, and fur ither issues like opponin the Identity Cairds.

Patrick Harvie MSP campaigning in Dennistoun, Glasgow

He proponed civil pairtnership legislation in his first mandate at the Scots Pairlament. This legislation wis hinderly haundilt by Westminster an kivered the hale o the UK. The distinctive Scottish proposals helpit tae stimulate public debate north o the border, baith on the issue o same-sex relationships an on the Legislative Consent Motion (the process by whilk the Scottish Parliament allous Westminster tae legislate fur the hale o the UK).

Harvie wis a memmer o the Communities Committee o the Scottish Parliament ootthrou the 2003–07 session and serd as Scottish Greens Spokesperson for Justice an Communities frae 2003 till 2005 an Spokesperson fur Justice, Communities, Europe an Constitutional Affairs frae 2005 till 2007.[7]

He wis chair o the Transport, Infrastructure an Climate Chynge Committee as pairt o deal wi the Scots National Pairty efter the Scots Pairlaments election, 2007 [8]


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