Scots Socialist Pairty

The Scots Socialist Pairty (SSP) (Inglis: Scottish Socialist Party) is a left-wing poleetical pairty in Scotland. It staunds for socialist economics an Scots unthirldom. It haed sax MSPs electit tae the Scots Pairlament in 2003 but didna get onybody electit in the 2007 election.

Scots Socialist Pairty
Pàrtaidh Sòisealach na h-Alba
Scots Socialist Pairtie
ChairpersonChristine McVicar[1]
Calum Martin[1]
SecretarHugh Cullen
SpokespersonColin Fox
Róisín McLaren[2]
Richie Venton[1]
Foondit1998; 26 years ago (1998)
Precedit biScots Socialist Alliance
HeidquartersSuite 370
Central Chambers
93 Hope Street
G2 6LD[3]
NewspaperScots Socialist Voice
Youth weengYoung Scots Socialists
Membership  (2014)Increase 3,500[4]
IdeologyDemocratic socialism[5]
Scots unthirldom[6]
Scots republicanism[7]
Poleetical poseetionLeft-wing[8][9]
Naitional affiliationRISE – Scotland's Left Alliance (2015–2016)
European affiliationEuropean Anti-Caipitalist Left
Colours     Red,      white, and      yellow
Scots Pairlament
0 / 129
Local govrenment in Scotland[10]
0 / 1,227
Politics o Scotland
Political parties



The SSP wis estaiblisht in 1998. It growed fae the foregaun Scottish Socialist Alliance, a union o the umwhile Scots Meelitant Labour an ither groups o the faur-left, sic as the Communist Pairty o Scotland an the Scots Republican Socialist Pairty. In 1999, it haes juist the ae MSP in the Scots Pairliament. In 2003 it haed sax MSPs waled, but in 2007 it didna get onybody waled intae Halyruid.

Poleetical Wark


The pairty haes duin wark in mony campaigns throu the Scots Pairlament, sic as tae git rid o rowps for them that canna pey thair dets; proponin tae git rid o chairges for lines frae the doctor an ettlin tae gie aw schuilweans guid fare for thair denner athoot haein tae pey for it.

The SSP haes duin muckle wark ootby the pairlament an aw. Wirkin wi ithers, its campaignt agin the wappens at Faslane; its campaignt agin PFI pactions for schuils an infirmaries, an gien a haund tae the warkers that keeps wee weans, warkers that pits oot fires, an warkers for the cooncil whan they ettle tae fend for thair pey an condeetions

The pairty wrate the Declaration o Calton Hill and haes been threapin agin the War in Iraq



A wheen o thir groups haes hauden thair identities athin the pairty, comin thegither as pletforms; sae the Socialist Warkers Pairtie haes become the Socialist Warkers pletform, an the Scots Republican Socialist Pairty, the Scots Republican Socialist Muvement. Ither pletforms athin the SSP includes the Republican Communist Netwark, the Warkers' Unitie pletform. It uisst tae hae anither pletform cried the International Socialist Movement that wis pairt o the Comatee for a Warkers Internaitional but that's no thegither ony mair. Some o the members bade wi the Comatee for a Warkers Internaitional while ithers frae the Internaitional Socialists haes gane thegither wi ither members o the SSP that wisna in ony pletform for tae mak the new Unitit Left group.

The Socialist Warkers Pairty an the Comatee for a Warkers Internaitional haes nou left the SSP thegether wi Tommy Sheridan tae set up anither pairty.



Colin Fox MSP is the pairty's convener an wis waled for the Lothians in 2003, the ither MSPs for 2003-2007 wis Carolyn Leckie, Rosie Kane an Frances Curran Twa ithers uisst tae be MSPs for the SSP, but left the SSP for tae set up thair ain pairty.

Ither Information



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