name gien tae sindrie poleitical ideas

Socialism is the name gien tae sindrie poleitical ideas. Socialists believes in evenlyness, solidarity, an social juistice. Monie fowk haes unalike conceits anent whit socialism means. Monie socialists thinks the guvrenment or the state shuid be aucht the "commandin hichts" o industry. Ithers thinks that warkers shuid be aucht the industries that thay wirk in. The'r ithers that says that the ettle shoud be that fowk shuid be mair equal, but this shoud be gotten unner a reformed capitalism.

Reid banner o Socialism


Karl Marx

Some fowk says that an Inglisman, Robert Owen, wis the first socialist. He sayed that warkers shoud be aucht the companies that thay wrocht tae. The warkers wad than divvie up the ootcome amang thairsels.

Monie socialist poleitical pairties wis creatit in the 19t century an the early pairt o the 20t century.

The maist weel-kent socialist is Karl Marx, that scrieved The Communist Manifesto.

Socialism an Communism


Socialism an communism is sib ane tae the ither, but no the same thing. Nouadays, socialism is a gey wide-rangin term, while communism in ordiner spaek aamaist aye refers juist tae the ideologies o the Marxist-Leninist pairties o the communist bloc.

Efter Warld Weir Ane, the faa o the Saicont International an the Roushian Revolution, socialism wis splitten intae twa tradeitions. Some socialists follaed Lenin an wis cryed Communists. Ithers believed in a pairlamentary gate tae socialism an wis cawed social democrats. Social democrats disagreed gey strangly wi Communists; afttimes thay entered intae guvrenments in thair naitions, cryed "bourgeois guvrenments" bi the socialists, an stertit tae rule ower capitalist kintras.

Monie social democrats haes nou quat e'en thair auld idea o reformin capitalism, an rins capitalist guvernments aa roond the warld.

Monie fowk that nou cries thairsels socialists is opponed tae baith capitalism, an the seestem o the auld Soviet Union that thay see (specially efter the rise o Joseph Stalin) as a betrayal o the principles o democratic socialism.

Kinds o socialism


Socialist Pairties