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The First Meenister (Prìomh Mhinistear in Gaelic) is the heid o Scotland's naitional hame rule govrenment, the Scots Executive, that wis estaiblisht in 1999 alang wi the reconstitute Scots Pairlament.

The Executive is presided ower bi the First Meenister, waled bi a vote o the Scots Pairlament an than appynted bi the Queen.

The inaugural First Meenister, Donald Dewar is seen as the Faither o the Naition, or at laest as the faither o devolved govrenment. In his time as Secretar o State for Scotland, his acts an campaigns wis instrumental in gettin Scots devolution. His cutty term in the office he haed helpit tae create endit suddent whan he dee'd o a brain haemorrhage.

Henry McLeish teuk his place; he serred in the poseetion for a gey short time, bein gart tae demit efter a scaundal anent his ootgaun claim while a Wastmeenster CP. McLeish forsaid ony myntit wrangdaein, claimin it wis a "muddle, rather than a fiddle", but signeeficant pressure wis brocht tae bear on him an he felt he haed nae chyce ither nor demittin; he did in 2001.

McLeish's replacement wis Jack McConnell, that haed stuiden unsuccessfu agin McLeish for heidship o the Scots Labour Pairty; that wad hae gien McConnell the role o First Meenister frae than. McConnell said his kin of chiefship wad be chairacterised bi the Scots Executive ettlin tae "do less, but do it better".

Nicola Sturgeon is the current First Meenister o Scotland, heidin the first majority govrenment. She is Leader o the Scottis Naitional Pairty (SNP), Commissioner tae the Scots Parliament for Glesga Soothside. She is First Meenister syne the demission o Alex Salmond in November 2014.

Bute House in Embro's Charlotte Square is the offeecial hame o the First Meenister.

The First Meenister is Keeper o the Great Seal o Scotland, an his place in the order o precedence in Scotland is determined bi that office.

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