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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is a Breetish public service broadcaster. wis foondit in 1927 bi means o a Ryal Chairter. The day the BBC is the naitional publicly fundit braidcaster o the Unitit Kinrick. It maks programmes an braidcasts on televeesion, radio, an the Internet.

British Broadcasting Corporation
Statutory corporation
wi a Ryal chairter
Industrie Mass media
Predecessor British Broadcasting Company
Foondit 18 October 1922; 97 years ago (1922-10-18) (as British Broadcasting Company)
1 Januar 1927; 92 years ago (1927-01-01) (as British Broadcasting Corporation)
Foonder John Reith
Heidquarters Broadcasting House
London, W1
United Kingdom
Aurie served
Key fowk
Revenue Decrease £4.889 billion (2019)[1]
Decrease £−52 million (2019)[1]
Decrease £−69 million (2019)[1]
Tot assets Decrease £1.172 billion (2019)[1]
Awner Public owned[2]
Nummer o employees
22,401 (2019)[1]
Wabsteid (Outside UK)

The BBC operates the UK's ae dedicatit politics chainel forby kiverin ongauns in the Breetish Hooses o Pairlament, The Scots Pairliament, Northren Ireland Assemmly an the Welsh Assemmly. The chainel is kent as BBC Parliament.

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