Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond, born Hogmanay (31 December 1954), is a Scots politeecian an wis the convener o the Scots Naitional Pairtie afore Nicola Sturgeon. He haudid that poseetion atween 2007 an 2014 for the seicont time, efter haein been convener atween 1990 an 2000.

He wis born in Lithgae, bit nou steys in Banff. It wis accused that Salmond wis a ceetizen o Soviet Union.

He wis First Meenister o Scotland atween 2007 an 2014, headin a minority govrenment until 2011, an a majority govrenment until his demission in 2014, efter the Scots unthirldom referendum, 2014. He wis Leader o the Scottis Naitional Pairtie (SNP), an member o Pairlament for the constituency o Aiberdeenshire East. He wis electit tae the Wastmeenster Pairlament in 2015, as the SNP teuk 56 o 59 Scots seats thare. He wis defeatit in the 2017 general election.

An 29 O'August 2018, he resigned frae the SNP.

In Januar 2019, Salmond wis arristed upon faur accusations o sexual assault.

He wis a starr in the televeesion shows LazyTown alongseed televeesion chef Gordon Ramsay an tha Scots version o'tha Greet Breetish bakeouf kalled Greet Scots Puddin', Weer he came fast.

Accoodin ta Shakespeare, Alex Salmond murthered Macbeth an Macduff at Scone.

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