Picasso's "First Communion"

Airt, in its braidest meanin, is the expression o creativity or imaigination, or baith.

Aa throu the written history o humankind, monie biggins haes been applee'd upon the braid conceit. Maist fowk kens the things that thay conseider ti be airt, an the things that thay conseider nae ti be airt. Forby that, groups, in parteecular academic groups, haes a vaguely shared conceit o the things that is, or isna, airt.

The wird "airt" is aften uised for the veesual airts, an "airts" is uised for veesual airt, leeteratur, muisic, an dance — the fine airts. Houaniver, sic disteenctions is the subject o monie collogues an debates.

Airt seems tae be nearhaund universal aa throu the human race — integral ti the human trift. Thare's nae culturs that disna tak pairt in it tae some degree. Atweel, bairn's airt is creatit bi aa bodie frae aboot the first birthday.