Paper is a thin sheet o feebres pressed thegither. Fowk writes on paper, an beuks is made o paper. Paper can souk up liquids sic as watter, an sae fowk can dicht things wi paper.

Makkin Paper


Paper is made frae the wid o trees. Wid is grund up an mixed wi watter an ither chemicals for tae mak a thin liquid cried "paper pulp". Paper pulp can be bleached for tae mak white paper, or dyes can be eikit for tae mak coloured paper. This pulp is pressed intae sheets o paper. When the sheets ir dry, thay are cuttit intae pieces o paper.

Whiles paper is made shiny bi eikin cley or ither materials.

Whiles paper is made frae ither kynds o paper. This is an ensaumple o recyclin.

No aw paper is made frae wid. Ither kinds o feebre can be uised an aw. Fowk maks paper frae cotton, linen, an hemp.

Uises o paper


Paper is uised for writin an prentin. Beuks, jurnals an newspapers is prentit on paper.

Paper is aften uised for siller. Paper uised for siller is aften made in gey special weys for tae mak it haurd for fowk tae prent thir ain siller. A piece o paper money is cried a baunknote, a bill, or a note.

Paper can be uised for dichtin. Special forms o paper is uised, sic as paper touels, facial tissues, or toilet paper.

Pretty paper can be uised as decoration. It can be pastit ontae the waws o a room; this is cried wawpaper. Paper can be uised tae wap gifts. This is cried wappin paper or gift wap.

Some kynds o paper is strang an can be uised in boxes an ither packagin material. Whiles several layers o paper is hauden thegither wi glue for tae mak cairdbuird.

History o paper


Mony centuries syne – sae early as 3000 BC – fowk in Egypt made a kynd o paper frae the papyrus plaunt. This is whaur the wird "paper" comes frae. The fowk o Greece an Roum learnt tae dae this an aw.

Aboot the year 105, a man in Cheenae cried Ts'ai Lun thocht o a wey tae mak paper frae cotton duds. Fowk in Japan learnt hou tae dae this wi feebre frae the mulberry tree, in the year 610. Efter that thir wis shapit intae a kynd o paper made in Japan. This is cried Japanese paper or Washi. This Cheenese discovery spreid tae Indiae, an syne tae the Middle East, an syne tae Italy. A chance o spreidin tae the Middle Aest wis the Battle o Talas in 751. Then airmy o the Arabs captured sodgers o the Cheenese. Thare wis paper makkers amang the caiptive sodgers. In 757 a paper mill wis biggit at Samarkand. Middle Aestren fowk learnt tae uise linen as paper raw material an tae uise stairch made frae floor as a chemical additive. Thir papers wis weel-kent in the Middle Aest. The Italians uised hemp an linen duds. In 1276 the first Italian paper mill wis biggit at Fabriano an till 14 century Italy becam a paper supplier in Europe. In 1282 the first wattermerk wis introduced in Bologna.

Paper wis haurd tae mak, an it cost muckle siller. In the 19t century, new machines wis made that coud mak paper frae wid feebres. This helpit mak paper cheap eneuch for awbody tae coff. Aboot the same time, ither inventions wis made, lik the pincil, the funtain pen, an a prentin press that uised steam pouer. Acause o thir new things, it wis easy for fowk tae write letters, tae buy beuks an newspapers, an tae haud records o whit thay did.