Cultur (frae the Laitin cultura ruitit frae colere, meanin "tae cultivate") for ordinar refers tae paiterns o human acteevity an the seembolic structurs that gies sic acteevity signeeficant importance. Different defineetions o "cultur" reflects different theoretical bases for unnerstaundin, or criteria for evaluatin, human acteevity.

Cultur is manifestit in muisic, leeteratur, pentin an sculptur, theatre an film. Awtho some fowk identifees cultur in terms o consumption an consumer guids (as in hie cultur, law cultur, fowk cultur, or popular cultur), anthropologists unnerstaund "cultur" tae refer no juist tae consumption guids, but tae the general processes that produces sicna guids an gies thaim meanin, an tae the social relationships an practices that sicna objects an processes becomes embeddit in. For thaim, cultur sic includes technology, airt, science, as weel as moral seestems.