wey tae find oot things

Science (frae the Laitin scio, meanin "tae ken") is a wey tae find oot things. Whiles the wird "science" is uised for tae refer tae the knawledge that is fund uisin the methods o science.

Fowk that daes science is cried scientists. Scientists study things bi leukin at them awfu tentily, bi meisurin them, an bi daein experiments an tests. Scientists tries tae expleen why things acts the wey thay dae, an is the wey thay are.

Scientific method


The "scientific method" is the name gien tae the methods uised in science for tae lairn things. The scientific method can be awfu uisefu.

The main featurs o the scientific method is:

  • The scientific method is a "trial an error" prattick.
  • The scientific method lippens on data.
  • The product o the scientific process is something cried a "theory".

Maist fowk accepts the scientific method as the maist reliable wey for tae ken aboot naitur, the universe, an the human bouk.

Ither featurs o science


Aw theories is anerly acceptit sae lang as thay are the best explanation for the data that exeests. Whan theories disnae expleen the data ony mair, thay are discardit an replaced.

Scientists compete wi ilk ither. Scientists checka ilk ither's wark. Scientists tries tae mak better explanations for the data.

Scientists publishes thair wark in peer-reviewed jurnals.

Science is a wey for tae learn aboot things bi discardin whit isna true.

Scientists maun be gey canny tae mak explanations that fits weel wi whit thay observe an meisur. Thay compete tae fend better explanations. An explanation micht be interestin or pleasin, but if it daesn gree wi whit ither scientists really sees an meisurs, thay will try tae find a better explanation.

Ither scientists checks thair ideas for tae see if the real observations, meisurments, an tests shaws if thay are richt or wrang. Peer review an repeatin experiments is the ae wey tae be shuir the knawledge is richt.

Science maks models o naitur, models o oor universe, an medicine. Thare's mony sindry sciences wi thair ain names. Houaniver it isna richt tae say "science says" ony ae thing. Science is a process, no juist the facts an rules believed at ae time.

Some types o science


Biological sciences


Pheesical sciences


Social sciences