(Reguidit frae Laitin leid)

Laitin is an auld leid that wis spak bi the Romans. Fowk dinna speak or write this leid awfu muckle ony mair, but mony students athort the warld studies it in the schuil.

Laitin dictionar

The Roman Catholic Kirk still uises Laitin as its offeecial leid.

Mony wirds uised in science an medicine wis creatit frae Laitin wirds, or is Laitin wirds. Mony leids spoken the day comes frae the Laitin leid. Thir leids is cried Romance leids. The five lairgest Romance leids is French, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, an Spaingie. Ither Indo-European leids is sib tae Laitin.