Thunderstorm near Garajau, Madeira

Wather tells us whit's gaun on in the lift abuin us. Wather includes wind, lichtnin, storms, hurricanes, tornados, rain, hail, an snaw. Energy frae the sun affects the wather. Climate tells us whit kin o wather for ordinar happens in an airt at different times o the year. Chynges in wather can affect oor muid. We weir different claes an tak pairt in different acteevities unner different wather condeetions. We wale different fuids in different saisons.

Wather stations athort the warld meisurs different pairts o the wather. Weys tae meisur is wind speed, wind airt, temperatur , barometric pressur, an humidity. Fowk tries tae uise thir meisurments for tae spae whit the wather will be lik in the futur. Thir fowk is cried wathermen.

Ill wather can cause loss o life an guids an gear. It can affect oor daily life an aw.