Leeteratur is leiterally "an acquent wi letters" (frae the Latin littera meanin "the ae written chairacter (letter)"). The term haes maistly come til identifee a collection o texts. The wird "leeteratur" as a common noon can refer til onie kin o writin, sic as essays; "Leeteratur" as a proper noon refers til a hail bodie o leiterar wark, global or anent the ae cultur. Monie a time there's confusion on the actual defineition o leeteratur an Leeteratur. The wird "leeteratur" can be baith singular an plural, juist like "Literatur". Sayin that, "leeteraturs" is plural forby. Houaniver "Leeteratur", wi emphasis on uppercase L, is a subset o the mair wide-reengin "leeteratur". "Leeteratur" is uised for onie written wark o byordinar intellectual calibre, whiles "leeteratur" can be oniething written. Sae, War and Peace bi Tolstoy is "Leeteratur" (singular) as weel as "leeteratur" (singular), but Charles Dickens's wark is pairt o "Leeteratur" (plural) as weel as "leeteratur" (plural). Mairanower a Harry Potter novel will be thocht on as "leeteratur" (singular) but nae as "Leeteratur" (singular) sith maist fowk wadna deem the beuks as intellectual or meaninfu eneuch at an academic level. Likewice the Harry Potter collection bi J. K. Rowling will be thocht on as "leeteratur" (plural) but nae as "Leeteratur" (plural). What is intellectual an meaninfu is subjective an aften controversial or dubious, but it daesna interfere wi the defineition abuin.