Islam (Arabic: الإسلام or al-islām, "submission") is a monotheistic Abrahamic releegion foondit on the life an teachins o Mohammad in the saxth century, in Arabie. The fowk that follaes this releegion is cawed"Muslims". Muslims caw God "Allah", bat hae 99 different names fur "God" an aw. The haly beuk o the Muslims is ca'd the Quran. Islam is the warlds 2nt lairgest releegion wi mair nor 1,000,000,000 follaers.

The starn an crescent, a common seembol o Islam.

Muslims trowe Moses, Abraham, an Jesus, wha they caw Musa, Ibrahim, an Isa, an ithers, wis prophets, forby.

Muslims believe that the Quran is the revealed wird o God an the Prophet Mohammad is the feenal Prophet sent bi God tae reveal His message tae mankynd.

In the 7t Century AD the Byzantine an Sassanide Empires wis the twa mucklest pouers in whit is cried the Middle East the day. Bedouin Arab merchands wad cross the desert tae touns lik Damascus fae Arab trade centres sic as Makka (or Mecca as its cried the nou) an Yathrib (later tae be re-cried Madina, or "ceety").

In places siclike Sirie, Iraq an Egyp, whaur nouadays Arabie leids is spaken, Pre Islamic civilisations haed been aroond lang syne. Throu the Gowden Age o Islam (atween aboot 900 AD an 1300) touns like Damascus an Baghdad becam important centres o scienteefic an philosphical discovery. Mony texts that haed been lang tint tae the Wast o Europe, wis pitten ower fae the Greek intae the Arabie (an in Islamic Spain intae the Laitin an aw)

Ane o the mair typical practics uised bi the Muslims whilka are ca'd "Abrahamic", are the circumcision o the penis. They awso hae the ritual o the killin o the sheep, ca'd Al 3Aid, whilka exists in the twa Abrahmic beuks, baith Bible an Quran. This custom finds place in auld Abrahamic tradeetions an Biblic history.

Feegurs sic as Plato, Galen an Pythagoras wis reintroduced throu the Arabie leid. Translators an ither scholars teached in Seecily an Spain, at the new Varsities o Palermo an Cordoba, the first European Varsities, syne the closin o the Pagan schuils bi the Kirk in the sae cried Daurk Ages. Ither feegurs, sic as Ibn Sinna (kent as Avicenna in the Wast) an Ibn Rushd (or Averoes) eikit oreeginal thochts an ideas tae the contreebution o Islam's scholarship tae post Roman Europe.

Maist Muslims thinks it's wrang tae draw the prophet Muhammad or Allah. Acause o this, Islamic airt is aft gey geometric an abstract.