A sport is an organised, competitive, entertainin, an skilful activity requirin commitment, strategy, an fair play, in which a winner an loser can be defined bi objective means. Generally speakin, a sport is a gemme based in pheesical athleticism. Activities sic as buird gemmes an caird gemmes are whiles classifee'd as "mind sports," but strictly speakin "sport" bi itsel refers tae some pheesical activity. Non-competitive activities mey an aa qualify, for example tho joggin or playin catch are uisually clessifee'd as forms o recreation, thay mey an aa be informally cried "sports" due tae thair similarity tae competitive gemmes.


Sports are govrened bi a set o rules or customs. Pheesical events sic as scorin goals or crossin a line first aften define the result o a sport. Housomeivver, the degree o skill an performance in some sports sic as divin, dressage an feegur skeitchin is judged accordin tae well-defined criteria. This is in contrast wi ither judged activities sic as beauty pageants an body biggin, whaur skill daes no hae tae be shawn an the criteria are no as well defined.

Records are kept an updatit for maist sports at the heichest levels, while failurs an accomplishments are widely annoonced in sport news. Sports are maist aften played juist for fun or for the semple fact that fowk need exercise tae stay in guid pheesical condeetion. Housomeivver, professional sport is a major soorce o entertainnment.