Atheism is the belief that thaur ur nae gods. A body that follaes atheism is cried an atheist. Some fowk threaps atheism is juist a "faith in nae god", but mony atheists threaps it is nae faith. Raither, it is a rejection ay the belief in onie deities. Maist fowk ur atheists whan it comes tae auncient Greek or Roman gods an siclike, tho their exeestance canna be dispruiven ony mair nor that o faeries, brounies, trowes an bogles. O coorse their exeestance canna be pruiven aither sae, fae thon, maist wicelike fowk is mair nor willint no tae tak sic supersteetion sairious. Wi sic logic bein sae plain as parritch an weel acceptit, atheists juist gangs the ae God faurer seein that her exeestance canna be pruiven or dispruiven aither.