Coordinates: 48°51′40″N 2°20′11″E / 48.86111°N 2.33639°E / 48.86111; 2.33639 The Louvre Museum (French: Musée du Louvre), in Paris, Fraunce, is the warld's maist veesited airt, a museum, a historic kenmerk, an a naitional seembol.[1][2]

A wumman thocht tae be Zenobia, the Queen o Palmira, in the Louvre Museum

It haes echt departments: Oriental Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek Antiquities, Roman an Etruscan Antiquities, Islamic Airt, Sculptures, Airt objects, Picturs an paintins, Graphic Airts. It presents 35,000 airt warks in 60,600 m² o space.


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