Coordinates: 31°N 35°E / 31°N 35°E / 31; 35

Israel ['i:zrɛl] (Hebrew: יִשְרָאֵל, Yisra'el; Arabic: إسرائيل, Isrā'īl) is a kintra in the sooth-eastren Middle East that mairches Lebanon, Sirie, Jordan an Egyp. The caipital an muckle maist ceety is Jerusalem. Its watter mairch is the Mediterranean Sea tae the wast, the Reid Sea tae the sooth. It haes a population o ower 9,000,000 fowk.[11]

State o Israel

  • מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל (Ebreu)
  • دَوْلَة إِسْرَائِيل (Arabic)
Anthem"Hatikvah" (Hebrew for "The Haip")

Location of Israel (in green)
Location o Israel
and largest city
Jerusalem (leemitit recogneetion)[fn 1]
31°47′N 35°13′E / 31.783°N 35.217°E / 31.783; 35.217
Offeecial leidsHebrew
Ethnic groups
GovrenmentUnitar pairlamentar republic
• Preses
Isaac Herzogg (יצחק הרצוג)
Benjamin Netanyahu (בנימין נתניהו)
Mickey Levy (מיכאל לוי)
Esther Hayut (אֶסְתֵּר חַיּוּת)
• Declared
14 May 1948
11 May 1949
• Total
20,770–22,072 km2 (8,019–8,522 sq mi)[a] (149t)
• Water
440 km2 (170 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2024 estimate
9,856,360[10] (98th)
• 2008 census
• Density
395/km2 (1,023.0/sq mi) (34t)
GDP (PPP)2017[12] estimate
• Total
$316.120 billion (54t)
• Per capita
$36,379 (34t)
GDP (nominal)2017[12] estimate
• Tot
$339.990 billion (34t)
• Per capita
$39,126 (24t)
Gini (2013)42.8[13]
medium · 48t
HDI (2015)Increase 0.899[14]
verra heich · 19th
CurrencyNew shekel (‎) (ILS)
Time zoneUTC+2 (IST)
• Summer (DST)
Date format
  • אא-בב-גגגג (AM)
  • dd-mm-yyyy (CE)
Drivin sideright
Cawin code+972
ISO 3166 codeIL
  1. ^ 20,770 is Israel athin the Green Line. 22,072 includes the annexed Golan Hichts an East Jerusalem.
Territorial Organization

Israel is a pairlamentary democracy. It is a daveloped kintra an haes the 52nt biggest economy in the warld.[citation needit]

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  1. Recogneetion bi ither UN member states: Australie (Wast Jerusalem)[1] an Roushie (Wast Jerusalem),[2] the Czech Republic,[3] Guatemala,[4] the Unitit States,[5] an Vanuatu[6]

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