(Reguidit frae Ebreu leid)

Ebreu (עִבְרִית) is a Semitic leid o the Afro-Asiatic leid faimlie. Modren Ebreu is spoken bi mair nor 7 million fowk in Israel an Classical Ebreu uised for prayer in Jewish commontis aroond the warld. It is the offeecial leids o Israel. Ebreu wis extinct as a spoken leid in the 2t century,[7] but survived as a liturgical leid, an wis cowered in the 1880s. Som leids integrate Ebeu wirds, as Yiddish an Spaingie assimilatit-Jews leids.

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עברית, Ivrit
Temple Scroll.png
Portion o the Temple Scrowe, ane o the langest o the Deid Sea Scrowes discovered at Qumran
Pronunciation[(ʔ)ivˈʁit] - [(ʔ)ivˈɾit][note 1]
Native taeIsrael
RegionLaund o Israel
EthnicityIsraelites; Jews & Samaritans
ExtinctAuncient Ebreu extinct bi 586 CE, survivin as a leeturgical leid for Judaism[1][2][3]
Revival9.0 million speakers o Modren Ebreu o which 5 million in Israel. (2016)[4]
Early forms
Staundart forms
Ebreu alphabet
Paleo-Ebreu alphabet (Archaic Biblical Ebreu)
Imperial Aramaic script (Late Biblical Ebreu)
Signed Ebreu (oral Ebreu accompanied bi sign)[5]
Offeecial status
Offeecial leid in
 Israel (as Modren Ebreu)
Regulatit biAcademy o the Ebreu Leid
האקדמיה ללשון העברית (HaAkademia LaLashon HaʿIvrit)
Leid codes
ISO 639-1he
ISO 639-2heb
ISO 639-3Variously:
heb – Modren Ebreu
hbo – Clessical Ebreu (leeturgical)
smp – Samaritan Ebreu (leeturgical)
obm – Moabite (extinct)
xdm – Edomite (extinct)
Idioma hebreo.PNG
The Ebreu-speakin warld:
  regions whaur Ebreu is the leid o the majority (Israel)
  regions whaur Ebreu is the leid o a signeeficant minority (Wast Bank an Golan Hichts)
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Ebreu alphabet


  1. Sephardi [ʕivˈɾit]; Iraqi [ʕibˈriːθ]; Yemenite [ʕivˈriːθ]; Ashkenazi realisation [iv'ʀis] or [iv'ris] strict pronunciation [ʔiv'ris] or [ʔiv'ʀis]


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