Riga (Latvie: Rīga, pronounced [riːɡa] ( listen)) is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Latvie, a major industrial, commercial, cultural an financial centre o the Baltics, an an important seaport, situatit on the mouth o the Daugava. Wi 706,413 inhabitants (2010), it is the lairgest ceety o the Baltic states an third-lairgest in the Baltic region, ahint Saunt Petersburg an Stockholm (coontin residents athin the ceety limits). Riga's territory covers 307.17 km2 (118.60 sq mi) an lies atween 1 an 10 metres (3.3 an 33 ft) abuin sea level, on a flat an sandy plain.


A view frae St. Peter's Kirk in Riga Auld Toun.
A view frae St. Peter's Kirk in Riga Auld Toun.
Banner o Riga
Offeecial seal o Riga
Riga is locatit in Latvia
Location within Latvie
Riga is locatit in Baltic states
Location within the Baltics
Riga is locatit in Europe
Location within Europe
Coordinates: 56°56′56″N 24°6′23″E / 56.94889°N 24.10639°E / 56.94889; 24.10639Coordinates: 56°56′56″N 24°6′23″E / 56.94889°N 24.10639°E / 56.94889; 24.10639
Kintra Latvie
 • TeepCeety cooncil
 • MayorNils Ušakovs
(2002) [2]
 • Ceety307.17 km2 (118.60 sq mi)
 • Watter48.50 km2 (18.73 sq mi)  15.8%
 • Metro
10,132 km2 (3,912 sq mi)
 • Ceety706,413
 • Density2,300/km2 (6,000/sq mi)
 • Metro
1,098,523 (Riga Region)
 • Metro density108.3/km2 (280/sq mi)
 • Demonym
(2010) [4]
 • Latvies42.5 %
 • Roushies40.7 %
 • Belaroushies4.0 %
 • Ukrainians3.9 %
 • Poles2.0 %
 • Ithers6.7 %
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Cawin codes66 & 67

Riga's historical centre haes been declared a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid, an the ceety is pairticularly notable for its extensive Jugendstil (German Art Nouveau) airchitecture, which UNESCO considers tae be unparalleled onywhere in the warld.[5]


Ane theory for the oreegin o the name Riga is that it is a corruptit borraein frae the Liv ringa meanin luip, referrin tae the auncient natural harbour formed bi the tributary luip o the Daugava.[6][7] The ither is that Riga awes its name tae this awready-established role in commerce atween East an Wast,[8] as a borraein o the Latvian rija, for threshin barn, the "j" becomin a "g" in German—notably, Riga is cried Rie bi Inglis geographer Richard Hakluyt (1589),[9][10] an German historian Dionysius Fabricius (1610) confirms the oreegin o Riga frae rija.[9][11] Anither theory coud be that Riga wis named efter Riege, the German name for the River Rīdzene, a tributary o the Daugava.[12]


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Twin touns — Sister ceetiesEedit

Riga maintains sister ceety relationships wi the follaein ceeties:[13]

  Aalborg, Denmark[14]   Almaty, Kazakhstan   Amsterdam, Netherlands   Astana, Kazakhstan
  Beijing, Cheenae[15]   Bordeaux, Fraunce   Bremen, Germany   Cairns, Australie
  Calais, Fraunce   Dallas, Texas, Unitit States   Florence, Italy   Kiev, Ukraine
  Kobe, Japan [16]   Minsk, Belaroushie   Moscow, Roushie   Norrköping, Swaden
  Pori, Finland   Providence, Rhode Island, Unitit States[17]   Rostock, Germany   Saunt Petersburg, Roushie:[18]
  Santiago, Chile   Slough, Unitit Kinrick[19]   Stockholm, Swaden   Suzhou, Cheenae
  Taipei, Taiwan[20]   Tallinn, Estonie   Tashkent, Uzbekistan   Tartu, Estonie
  Tbilisi, Georgie   Vilnius, Lithuanie   Warsaw, Poland [21]


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