Wikipedia:Media help

Media files on Wikipaedia

Some Wikipedia articles contain sound and video files

Some Wikipaedia airticles include soond or video files, which can be played on almaist aw personal computers. However, yer computer must hae the richt saftware. If yer computer daes nae automatically play these files when you click on them, dounloadin an installin free saftware frae the internet can enable it tae do so.

Soond files on Wikipaedia generally uise the Vorbis audio format, an video files uise the Theora format, baith contained in an Ogg file. These are analogous tae ither formats uised tae play deegital audio an video such as MP3 an MPEG. However, Microsoft Windows, iOS, an OS X dae nae support these formats bi default, an require addeetional saftware tae play them (see ablo).

Music files mey occasionally uise the MIDI format (.MID or .MIDI extension). MIDI is generally playable wioot addeetional saftware, as maist computers hae a MIDI-enabled player an soond caird.

For help makin an convertin video an audio intae the format uisable on Wikipaedia, see Wikipedia:Creation an uisage o media files.