seicont-lairgest ceety in Swaden (efter Stockholm) an the fift-lairgest in the Nordic kintras

Gothenburg (Swadish: Göteborg; pronoonced [jœteˈbɔrj] ( listen)) is the seicont-lairgest ceety in Swaden (efter Stockholm) an the fift-lairgest in the Nordic kintras. Situatit on the soothwast coast o Swaden, there are 512,754 fowk in the city itsel, wi 510,491 in the urban aurie roonaboot an tot o 926,654 fowk in the metropolitan aurie.[1]


Clockwise frae tap: Svenska Mässan, Lilla Bommen, Domkyrkan, the Gothenburg Opera, Götaplatsen
Clockwise frae tap: Svenska Mässan, Lilla Bommen, Domkyrkan, the Gothenburg Opera, Götaplatsen
Coat of airms o Gothenburg
Coat airms
Gothenburg is located in Västra Götaland
Location within Västra Götaland
Gothenburg is located in Soothren Swaden
Location within Sooth Swaden
Gothenburg is located in Sweden
Location within Swaden
Coordinates: 57°42′N 11°58′E / 57.700°N 11.967°E / 57.700; 11.967Coordinates: 57°42′N 11°58′E / 57.700°N 11.967°E / 57.700; 11.967
ProvinceVästergötland an Bohuslän
CoontyVästra Götaland Coonty
MunicipalityGothenburg Municipality,
Härryda Municipality,
Partille Municipality an
Mölndal Municipality
 • Ceety450 km2 (170 sq mi)
 • Water14.5 km2 (5.6 sq mi)  3.2%
 • Urban
203.67 km2 (78.64 sq mi)
 • Metro
3717 km2 (1,435 sq mi)
 (2011 (urban: 2010))[1][2]
 • Ceety519,399
 • Density1,200/km2 (3,000/sq mi)
 • Urban
 • Urban density2,700/km2 (7,000/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Metro density250/km2 (650/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

The Ceety o Gothenburg wis foondit in 1621 bi King Gustavus Adolphus. It lees bi the sea at the mooth o Göta Älv—the river runnin throu the ceety—an is the mucklest seaport in the Nordic kintras.[3]

Gothenburg is hame tae mony students, as the ceety includes baith the University o Gothenburg an Chalmers University o Technology. Volvo Cars wis foondit in Gothenburg in 1927.[4]

The ceety wis caaed efter the Geats (Swadish: Götar varied: Geatas, Gautar, Goths, Gotar, Gøtar, Götar), the fowk o Gothia, nou soothren Sweden—i.e. "Defence of the Geats".[5] The river aside the ceety is the Göta Älv or Gothia River. Göta borg "Gothia Fortress" is the fort on the Göta River, biggit tae pertect the port, whit wis intendit tae be Sweden's commercial windae tae the wast.

In Dutch, Scots an Inglis, leids wi a lang history o bein spoke in this tred an maritime-orientit ceety, the name Gothenburg haes whiles been uised for the ceety as in the Gothenburg Film Festival. The French form o the ceety name is Gothembourg. Gottenburg kin be seen in aulder Inglis texts an aw. Thir tradeetional forms are nou whiles replacit wi the uiss o the Swadish Göteborg, fir example bi the Göteborgsoperan an the Göteborg Ballet. Houanivver, Göteborgs universitet, aince designatit as Göteborg University in Inglis, chyngit tae the University o Gothenburg in 2008.[6] The municipality o Gothenburg haes an aa revertit tae the uiss o the Inglis name in internaitional contexts.[7] Ither auld forms in Swadish are Götheborgh, an the mair common, Götheborg. Ae Inglis text scrievit in the late 15t centurie caas the ceety "Guthaeborg".





Gothenburg is locatit on the wast coast, in Soothwastren Swaden, aboot hauf wey atween the Dens an Norse caipitals Copenhagen an Oslo. The location at the mooth o the river Göta älv, that feeds intae Kattegatt, an airm o the North Sea, haes helped the ceety graw as a tradin ceety. The airchipelago o Gothenburg consists o roch, barren rocks an cliffs, whilk is gey common on the coast o Bohuslän. Cause o the Gulf Stream, the ceety haes a mild climate an a fair bit o rain.

The Gothenburg Metropolitan Aurie (Stor-Göteborg) haes 816,931 fowk an extends tae the municipalities o Ale, Härryda, Kungälv, Lerum, Mölndal, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn, Öckerö in Västra Götaland Coonty, an Kungsbacka in Halland Coonty.

Angered, a suburb ootwi Gothenburg, consists o Hjällbo, Rannebergen, Hammarkullen, Gårdsten an Lövgärdet. It is a Million Programme pairt o Gothenburg, lik Rosengård in Malmö an Botkyrka in Stockholm. Angered haes 40,000 fowk in tot. It lees north frae Gothenburg an is isolatit frae the rest o the ceety. Bergsjön is anither Million Programme suburb north o Gothenburg, Bergsjön haes 14,000 fowk. Biskopsgården is the lairgest multicultural suburb on the isle Hisingen, whilk is a pairt o Gothenburg separatit bi the river.



Gothenburg haes a oceanic climate accordin tae Köppen climate clessification. Despite its heich northren latitude, temperaturs are fairly mild throughoot the year an hintle warmer nor places in seemilar latitude, or even somewha faur sooth, mainly acause o the moderatin influence o the warum Gulf Stream. Durin the simmer, daylicht extends 17 oors, but lasts anerlie aboot 7 oors in late December.

Simmers are warum an pleasant wi aiverage heich temperaturs o 19 tae 20 °C (66 tae 68 °F) an laws o 10 tae 12 °C (50 tae 54 °F), but temperaturs o 25–30 °C (77–86 °F) occur on mony days o the simmer. Winters are cauld an windy wi temperaturs o aroond -5 tae 3 °C (23 tae 37 °F), even tho it disna drop muckle ablo −10 °C (14 °F). Rain is regular but generally moderate throughoot the year. Snaw mainly occurs frae December tae Mairch. Awtho snaw is no unuisual in November an Aprile it can whiles occur even in October an Mey.


The Haga destrict in Gothenburg, made amaist entirely oot o wid

The sea, tred an industrial history o the ceety is evident in the cultural life o Gothenburg. The greatest attraction in the ceety is the amusement pairk Liseberg (see Pynts o interest). Anither fact relatit tae the industrial heritage o the ceety is that mony o the cultural institutions, as well as hospitals an the varsity, war creatit thanks tae donations frae rich merchants an industrialists, for ensaumple the Röhsska Museum.

Thare are mony free theatre ensembles in the ceety, asides institutions lik Gothenburg Ceety Theatre, Backa Theatre (youth theatre), an Folkteatern. On 29 December 2004, the Museum o Warld Cultur wis opened in Gothenburg, locatit naur Korsvägen.

The Gothenburg Film Festival, hauden ilka year, is the mucklest film festival in Scandinavie.[8] Similarlie, the Gothenburg Beuk Fair, hauden ivery year in September, is the mucklest sic event in Scandinavie.

Citin the Financial Creesis the Internaitional Federation o Library Associations an Institutions haes pit oot that Gothenburg will host the 2010 Warld Library an Wittins Congress,[9] previously tae be hauden in Brisbane, Australie.



Thare are gey few hooses left frae the 17t century whan the ceety wis foondit, syne aw but the military an ryal hooses war biggit o wid.[10] Ae ensaumple is Skansen Kronan.

The first major airchitecturallie interestin period is the 18t century whan the East Indie Company makkit Gothenburg a important tred ceety. Imposin stane hooses wi a Clessical leuk war erectit aroond the canals. Ae ensaumple frae this period is the East Indie Hoose, whilk the day hooses Gothenburg’s Ceety Museum.

Mony biggins in the auld pairt o the ceety war biggit alang canals

In the 19t century, the walthy bourgeoisie begun tae muive ootside the ceety waws that haed protectit the ceety whan the Union o Denmark an Norawa wis still a threat. The style nou wis a eclectic, academic, somewha ower-decoratit style whilk the middle-cless favoured. The wirkin cless bided in the owercroudit ceety destrict Haga, in widden hooses.

In the 19t century the first important toun plan efter the foondin o the ceety wis creatit, that led tae the construction o the main street, Kungsportsavenyn. Aiblins the maist significant teep o hooses o the ceety, Landshövdingehusen, war biggit in the end o the 19t century; three storey-hooses wi the first floor in stane an the ither twa in wid.

A gey important period in the airchitectural history o the ceety wis the early 20t century, whan the Naitional Romantic style dominatit. Amang the mony monumental biggin erectit the Masthugget Kirk can be mentioned.

Forby in the beginnin o the 1920s, whan the ceety celebratit its 300t anniversary, the Götaplatsen square wi its Neo-Clessical leuk[wrang wird or uiss o Scots] wis biggit.

Efter this the predominant style in Gothenburg an rest o Swaden wis Functionalism that especially dominatit the suburbs lik Västra Frölunda an Bergsjön. The prominent Swadish functionalist airchitect Uno Åhrén served as the ceety planner here frae 1932 throu 1943. In the 1950s, the lairge stadium Ullevi wis erectit whan Swaden hostit the 1958 FIFA Warld Cup.

The modren airchitectur o the ceety is bein formed bi sic airchitects as Gert Wingårdh wha stairtit as a Post-Modrenist in the 1980s.

A faur remarkable construction is Brudaremossen TV Touer, ane o the few pairtially guyed touers in the warld.

Characteristic biggins

Oscar Fredrik Kirk

The Gothenburg Central Station is in the hert o the ceety, juist next tae Nordstan an Drottningtorget. The biggin haes been renovatit an expandit numerous times syne the grand openin in October 1858. In 2003 a major reconstruction wis finished whilk brocht the 19t century biggin in tae the 21st century expandin the capacity for trains, traivellers an shoppin. Not faur frae the central station is Skanskaskrapan, or mair commonly kent as "The Lipstick". It's 86 metres heich wi 22 floors an coloured in reid-white stripes. The skyscraper wis designed bi Ralph Erskine an biggit bi Skanska in the 1980s as the heidquarter for the company.

Bi the shore o Göta Älv is the Gothenburg Opera. It wis completit in 1994. The airchitect Jan Izikowitz wis inspired bi the landscape an describit his veesion as "Something that maks yer mind float ower the squigglin landscape like the wings o a seagull".

Feskekôrka, or Fiskhallen,[11] is a fishmercat bi the Rosenlundskanalen in the hert o Gothenburg. Feskekôrkan wis opened on 1 November 1874 an the name comes frae bein compared wi a kirk.

The Gothenburg Law Court is in the Beaux-Arts style.

The Gothenburg Synagogue at Stora Nygatan, naur Drottningtorget, wis biggitt in 1855 accordin tae the designs o the German airchitect August Krüger.



Gothenburg haes a diverse muisic community—the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the maist weel-kent whan it comes tae clessical muisic. Gothenburg an aa wis the birthplace o the Swadish composer Kurt Atterberg. Baunds lik The Soundtrack of Our Lives an Ace of Base are weel kent pop representatives o the ceety. Thare is an aw a active indie scene. For ensaumple, the muisicker Jens Lekman wis born in the suburb o Angered an named his 2007 release Night Falls Over Kortedala efter anither suburb (Kortedala). Ither internaitionally acclaimed indie airtists include the electro pop duos Studio, The Knife, Air France, The Tough Alliance, sangwriter José González an pop sangster El Perro Del Mar as well as genre-bendin quartet Little Dragon frontit bi vocalist Yukimi Nagano. Anither son o the ceety is ane o Swaden's maist popular sangsters, Håkan Hellström, wha aften includes mony places frae the ceety in his sangs.

The Gothenburg Opera.

Gothenburg's awn commercially successfu At the Gates, In Flames an Dark Tranquillity are creditit wi pioneerin melodic daith metal. Anither weel-kent baund o the Gothenburg scene is The Haunted. Progressive pouer metal baund Evergrey an aa oreeginate frae the ceety as dae pouer metal baunds HammerFall an Dream Evil.

The Metaltown Festival is a twa-day festival featurin hivy metal baunds, hauden in Gothenburg. It haes been arranged annually syne 2004, takin place at the Frihamnen venue. The maist recent festival in Juin 2010, includit baunds sic as Coheed and Cambria, Dark Tranquillity, Rammstein, Amon Amarth, an In Flames.

Fuid an drink


The ceety haes a nummer o starn chefs – ower the past decade, seiven o the Swadish Chef o the Year Awairds hae been wan bi Gothenburgers.[12] A popular place tae buy fish ingredients is the Feskekôrka ("Fish Kirk"); a indoor fish mercat that got its name frae the biggin's resemblance tae a Gothic kirk. Five Gothenburg restaurants hae a starn in the 2008 Michelin Guide: 28 +, Basement, Fond, Kock & Vin, Fiskekrogen an Sjömagasinet.[13]


Wi aroond 20,000 sailboats an yachts scattered aboot the ceety, sailin is a popular sports activity in the region, pairticularly acause o the naurbi Gothenburg Airchipelago.
Ullevi Stadium, the lairgest ootdoor sports arena in Scandinavie

As in aw o Swaden, a variety o sports are follaed, includin but no leemitit tae fitbaa, ice hockey, basketbaw, team handbaw, an feegur skeitchin. Thare is a varied amateur an professional sport clubs scene. Gothenburg is the birthplace o fitbaa in Swaden as the first fitbaa match in Swaden wis played thare in 1892. The ceety's three major clubs, IFK Göteborg, Örgryte IS an GAIS share a tot o 34 Swadish Championships atween them. IFK haes an aa wan the UEFA Cup twice. Ither notable clubs include BK Häcken (fitbaa), Pixbo Wallenstam IBK (floorbaw), multiple naitional team handbaw champion Redbergslids IK, an three time naitional ice hockey champion Frölunda HC, Gothenburg haes an aa a professional basketbaw team Gothia Basket. The bandy depairtment o GAIS, GAIS Bandy, played qualification matches tae the heichest diveesion Elitserien last saison.

The ceety's maist notable sports venues are Scandinavium (ice hockey), an Nya Ullevi (multisport) an the new-biggit Gamla Ullevi[14] (fitbaa).

Gothenburg haes hostit a nummer o internaitional sportin events includin the 1958 FIFA Warld Cup, the 1983 European Cup Winners' Cup Feenal, an NFL presaison gemme on 14 August 1988 atween the Chicago Bears an the Minnesota Vikings, the 1992 European Fitbaa Championship, the 1993 an the 2002 Warld Men's Handbaw Championship, the 1995 Warld Championships in Athletics, the 1997 Warld Championships in Swimmin (Short track), the 2002 Ice Hockey Warld Championships, the 2004 UEFA Cup feenal, the 2006 European Championships in Athletics, an the 2008 Warld Feegur Skeitchin Championships. Annual events hauden in the ceety are the Gothia Cup an the Göteborgsvarvet.

Gothenburg hostit the XIII FINA Warld Masters Championships 2010.[15] Divin, soummin, synchronised soummin an open watter competitions teuk place frae 28 Julie tae 7 August. The watter polo events wis hauden on the neeburin ceety o Borås.



Internaitional relations


Twin touns an sister ceeties


Gothenburg is twinned wi:


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