New Spain, formally cried the Viceryalty o New Spain (Spaingie: Virreinato de Nueva España), wis a viceryalty o the croun o Castile, o the Spainyie empire, comprisin territories in the north owerseas 'Septentrion' (North Americae an Philippines).[1][2][3][4] New Spain wis established follaein the Spaingie conquest o the Aztec Empire in 1521. Its greatest extent includit much o North Americae sooth o Canadae, that is: aw o present-day Mexico an Central Americae except Panama; maist o the Unitit States wast o the Mississippi River, plus the Floridas.

Viceroyalty of New Spain

Virreinato de Nueva España
Banner o New Spain
Motto: Plus Ultra
"Further Beyond"
AnthemMarcha Real
"Ryal Mairch"
A cairt o the territories o the Viceryalty o New Spain, at its zenith in 1795
A cairt o the territories o the Viceryalty o New Spain, at its zenith in 1795
StatusColony o Castile an Spain
CaipitalMexico Ceety
Common leidsSpaingie, Nahuatl, Mayan, Indigenous languages
Roman Catholicism
• 1535–1556
Charles I (first)
• 1813–1821
Ferdinand VII (last)
• 1535–1550
Antonio de Mendoza (first)
• 1821
Juan O'Donojú Poleetical chief superior (nae vicery)
LegislaturCooncil o the Indies
Historical eraColonial era
• Viceryalty creatit
• New Granada estab.,
   includin Panama
27 Mey 1717
01 October 1800
22 Februar 1819
• Trienio Liberal abolished the viceryalty o New Spain
31 May 1820
1810 - 1821
• 1519
20 million
• 1810
5 tae 6.5 million
CurrencySpaingie colonial real
Precedit bi
Succeedit bi
Govrenorate o Cuba
Aztec Empire
Tarascan state
Maya Ceevilization
Native Americans in the Unitit States
Louisiana (New Fraunce)
Kinrick o Tondo
Rajahnate o Cebu
Indigenous fowks o the Americaes
Provincial deputation in Mexico
Spaingie Wast Indies
Spaingie East Indies
Louisiana (New Fraunce)
Florida Territory
Native Americans in the Unitit States
Indigenous fowks o Americae
First Mexican Empire
The day pairt o

New Spain an aa includit: the Spaingie East Indies (the Philippine Islands, the Mariana Islands, the Caroline Islands, Taiwan, an pairts o the Moluccas); an the Spaingie Wast Indies (Cuba, Hispaniola (comprisin Haiti an the Dominican Republic), Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Trinidad, an the Bay Islands).

Admeenistrative units includit Las Californias, that is, Alta Californie (present-day Arizona, Californie, Nevada, Utah, wastren Colorado, an sooth Wyoming); an Baja California Norte an Sur, Nueva Extremadura (the present-day states o Coahuila an Texas), an Santa Fe de Nuevo México (pairts o Texas an New Mexico).[5] an Louisiana (includin the wastren Mississippi river basin an the Missouri River basin).

The Spaingie govrened New Spain frae Mexico Ceety, formerly the conquered Tenochtitlan, caipital o the Aztec Empire. It wis ruled bi a vicery in Mexico Ceety who govrened the various territories o New Spain on behauf o the Keeng o Spain. It wis the first o fower viceroyalties creatit tae govren Spain's owerseas colonies. (The Viceroyalty o Peru wis creatit in 1542 followin the Spaingie conquest o the Inca Empire. In the 18t century the Viceroyalty o New Granada, an the Viceryalty o the Río de la Plata wur an aa creatit.)

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