Nebraska is an American state that lies in baith the Great Plains an the Midwastren Unitit States. It is mairchit bi Sooth Dakota tae the north, Iowa tae the east an Missouri tae the sootheast, baith athort the Missouri River, Kansas tae the sooth, Colorado tae the southwast an Wyoming tae the wast. It is the anerly triply laundlocked U.S. state. Nebraska's aurie is juist ower 77,220 square mile (200,000 km2) wi awmaist 1.9 million fowk. Its state caipital is Lincoln, and its largest city is Omaha, which is on the Missouri River.

KintraUnitit States
Afore stateheidNebraska Territory
Admittit tae the UnionMairch 1, 1867 (37t)
Lairgest ceetyOmaha
Lairgest metroOmaha–Council Bluffs
 • GovrenorPete Ricketts (R)
 • Lieutenant GovernorMike Foley (R)
LegislaturNebraska Legislatur
 • Upper hooseNone (unicameral)
 • Lawer hooseNone (unicameral)
U.S. senatorsDeb Fischer (R)
Ben Sasse (R)
U.S. Hoose delegationJeff Fortenberry (R)
Don Bacon (R)
Adrian Smith (R) (leet)
 • Total1,907,116 (2,016 est)[1]
 • Density9.5/km2 (24.6/sq mi)
 • Median hooseaud income
 • Income rank
 • Offeecial leidInglis
Trad. abbreviationNeb., Nebr.
Latitude40° N tae 43° N
Longitude95° 19' W tae 104° 03' W

Indigenous fowks includin Omaha, Missouria, Ponca, Pawnee, Otoe, an various branches o the Lakota (Sioux) tribes leeved in the region for thoosands o years afore European exploration. The state is crossed bi mony historic trails an wis explored bi the Lewis an Clark Expedeetion.

Nebraska wis admittit as the 37t state o the United States in 1867. It is the anerly state in the Unitit States that's legislatur is unicameral an offeecially nonpairtisan.

Nebraska is componed o twa major laund regions: the Dissected Till Plains an the Great Plains. The Dissected Till Plains is a region o gently rowin hills an conteens the state's lairgest ceeties, Omaha an Lincoln. The Great Plains occupy maist o wastren Nebraska, chairacterised bi treeless prairie, suitable for cattle-grazin. The state haes a lairge agricultur sector an is a major producer o beef, pork, maize an soybeans. Thare are twa major climatic zones: the eastren hauf o the state haes a humid continental climate (Köppen climate clessification Dfa), wi a unique wairmer subteep conseedert "wairm-temperate" near the sootrhen plains lik in Kansas an Oklahoma that hae a predominantly humid subtropical climate. The wastren hauf haes a primarily semi-arid climate (Koppen BSk). The state haes wide variations atween winter and simmer temperatures, decreasin sooth throu the state. Veeolent thunnerstorms an tornadoes occur primarily in ware an simmer, but whiles in autumn. Chinook winds tend tae wairm the state signeeficantly in the winter an early ware.

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