Trinidad (Spainyie: "Trinity") is the lairgest an maist populous of the twa major islands an numerous landforms which mak up the island naition o Trinidad an Tobago. It is the soothmaist island in the Caribbean an lees juist 11 km (6.8 mi) aff the northeastren coast o Venezuela. Wi a aurie o 4,768 km2 (1,841 sq mi) it is the fift lairgest in the Wast Indies an aw.

Nickname: Land of the Hummingbird
LocationWindward Islands
Coordinates10°27′38″N 61°14′55″W / 10.46056°N 61.24861°W / 10.46056; -61.24861Coordinates: 10°27′38″N 61°14′55″W / 10.46056°N 61.24861°W / 10.46056; -61.24861
Aurie4,748 km2 (1,833 sq mi)
Heichest elevation940 m (3,080 ft)
Heichest pointEl Cerro del Aripo
Lairgest settlementChaguanas (pop. 100,000)
Pop. density262.7 /km2 (680.4 /sq mi)
Ethnic groupsBlack, White, Asie, Middle Eastren
Additional information
Time zone: GMT −4 (Trinidad does no observe DST)
Common languages: Inglis, Inglis-patois
Trinidad an Tobago on a warld map

Mony believe the oreeginal name for the island in the Arawaks' leid wis "Iëre" which meant "Land o the Humming Bird". Some believe that "Iere" wis actually a mispronunciation or corruption bi early colonists o the Arawak wird "Kairi" which simply means "Island". Christopher Columbus renamit it "La Isla de la Trinidad" ("The Island o the Trinity"), fulfillin a vou he haed made afore settin oot on his third voyage o sploration.[1]


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