Los Angeles

ceety in Californie, Unitit States o Americae

Los Angeles (pronounced /lɔːs ˈændʒələs/ (deprecatit template) lawss-AN-jə-ləs;[5] Spaingie: [los ˈaŋxeles], Spaingie for "The Angels") is the maist populous ceety in Californie an haes the seicont maist fowk in the Unitit States,[6] wi 3.83 million fowk[7] on a land area o 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 km2). It is the focal pynt o the lairger Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside combined area, which contains nearly 17.8 million fowk. Los Angeles is the seat o Los Angeles Coonty, the maist populatit an ane o the coonties[8] wi the maist cultures in the Unitit States. The ceety's indwallers are kent "Angelenos" (/ændʒɨˈliːnoʊz/).[9]

Los Angeles
City of Los Angeles
Downtown Los Angeles, Venice, Griffith Observatory, Hollywood Sign
Banner o Los Angeles
Official seal of Los Angeles
L.A., the Ceety o Angels,[1] Angeltown,[2] La-La Land[3]
Location athin Los Angeles Coonty in the state o Californie
Location athin Los Angeles Coonty in the state o Californie
Los Angeles is located in the Unitit States
Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Location in the Unitit States
Coordinates: 34°03′N 118°15′W / 34.050°N 118.250°W / 34.050; -118.250Coordinates: 34°03′N 118°15′W / 34.050°N 118.250°W / 34.050; -118.250
KintraUnitit States
CoontyLos Angeles
Settled4 September 1781
Incorporatit4 Aprile 1850
 • TeepMayor-Cooncil
 • BodiLos Angeles City Council
 • MayorEric Garcetti
 • Ceety AttorneyMike Feuer
 • Ceety ControllerRon Galperin
 • Ceety1301.970 km2 (502.693 sq mi)
 • Laund1213.850 km2 (468.670 sq mi)
 • Water88.119 km2 (34.023 sq mi)  6.77%
71 m (233 (ceety haw) ft)
 • Ceety3,792,621
 • Rank(2nt US, 48t Warld)
 • Density3,124.45/km2 (8092.30/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • CSA
Time zoneUTC-8 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC−7 (PDT)
ZIP code
90001–90068, 90070–90084, 90086–90089, 90091, 90093–90097, 90099, 90101–90103, 90174, 90185, 90189, 90291-90293, 91040–91043, 91303–91308, 91342–91349, 91352–91353, 91356–91357, 91364–91367, 91401–91499, 91601–91609
Area code(s)213, 310/424, 323, 661, 747/818

Los Angeles wis foondit on September 4, 1781 bi Spainyie govrenor Felipe de Neve. It acame a pairt o Mexico in 1821 follaein the Mexican War o Unthirldom. In 1848, at the end o the Mexican–American War, Los Angeles an the rest o Californie wure purchased as pairt o the Treaty o Guadalupe Hidalgo, therebi becomin pairt o the Unitit States. Los Angeles wis incorporatit as a municipality on Aprile 4, 1850, five month afore Californie achieved statehuid.

Aften kent bi its initials, LA, an nicknamed the Ceety o Angels, Los Angeles is a warld center o business, internaitional tred, entertainment, cultur, media, fashion, science, technology, an eddication.[10][11] It is hame tae renouned institutions coverin a broad range o professional an cultural fields, an is ane o the maist substantial economic ingines athin the Unitit States. Los Angeles haes been ranked the fift maist pouerful an influential ceety in the warld, ahint anerlie New York City in the United States.[12] The Los Angeles combined statistical area (CSA) haes a gross metropolitan product (GMP) o $831 billion (as o 2008), makin it the third lairgest economic centre in the warld, efter the Greater Tokyo Area an the New York metropolitan area.[13][14][15] As the hame base o Hollywood, it is kent as the "Entertainment Caipital o the Warld", leadin the warld in the creation o motion pictures, telly production, video gemmes, an recordit muisic. The importance o the entertainment business tae the ceety haes led mony celebrities tae cry Los Angeles an its surroondin suburbs hame. Los Angeles hostit the 1932 an 1984 Simmer Olympics. Los Angeles is an aa hame tae renoont varsities sic as the University of Southern California an the University of California, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles haes a Mediterranean climate, wi an average o 35 days wi measurable precipitation a year.[16]

Sister ceeties

A sign near Ceety Hall pynts tae the sister ceeties o Los Angeles

Los Angeles haes 25 sister ceeties,[17] leetit chronologically bi year jynt:



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