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Ian James Rankin OBE DL FRSE FRSL (born 28 Aprile 1960) is a Scots crime writer that is maist weel-kent fur his Inspector Rebus novelles. He haes written several pieces o literar criticism as weel.

Rankin wis born in Cardenen, Fife. His faither awnt a grocery shop an his maither wirked in a schuil canteen. He wis scuiled at Beath Hie Schuil, Coudenbeith. His fowks wis scunnert whan he waled tae study literatur, as thay'd expectit him tae study fur a trade. Heezed up bi his Inglis teacher, he huild at it an graduatit in 1982 fae the Varsity o Edinburgh, whaur he wirked on a doctorate on Murial Spark forby, but didnae fienish it. He haes taucht at the varsity an retains a active pairt wi the James Tate Memorial Prize.

He bade in Tottenham, Lunnon, fur fower year than rural Fraunce fur sax year while he fordert his career as a novelist. Afore becomin a fou-time novelist, he wirked as a grape picker, swineherd, taxman, alcohol resaircher, jurnalist, college secretar an punk muisicker in a baund cried the Dancing Pigs.

Rankin set oot tae be a mainstream scriever an thocht his furst novelles, Knots and Crosses an Hide and Seek wis mainstream beuks, in keepin wi the traditions o Robert Louis Stevenson an e'en Murial Spark. He wis discomfitit bi thaim bein cried genre fiction. Alan Massie, the Scots writer that tutort Rankin while Massie wis writer-in-residence, telt him "Div ye think John Buchan iver wirrit aboot whether he wis writin literatur or no?" Rankin's Inspector Rebus novelles is set mainly in Edinburgh. Thay ur thocht tae be major contributions tae the tairtan noir genre.

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Cliff at Vancluse wi New Zealand sea lions i Sydney

Image: Dietmar Rabich

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