The Koreans are an ethnic group oreeginatin in the Korean peninsulae.

Tot population
(85 million (est.)[1])
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Sooth Korea      50,062,000 (2009 est.)[2]
 North Korea      24,051,218 (2009 est.)[3]

Overseas populations as o 2009
 Fowkrepublic o Cheenae2,336,771[4]
 Unitit States2,102,283[4][5]
 Unitit Kinrick45,295[4]
 New Zealand30,792[4]
 Hong Kong13,288[8]
 Sooth Africae3,949
Korean speakers: 76 million[9]
majority: nan-releegious an atheist, minority: Korean Buddhism, Korean Christianity, Muism (Korean Shamanism), Cheondoism, Islam. Backgrund o Korean Confucianism.[10][11]



Sooth Koreans caw thairsels Hanguk-in (한국인; 韓國人), or simply Han-in (한인; 韓人). Informally they caw themselves Hanguk-saram (한국 사람).

North Koreans caw theairsels Chosŏn-in (조선인) or Chosŏn-saram (조선 사람).

The ethnic Koreans, who live in Central Asie, caw thairsels Koryo-saram (Hangul: 고려 사람, Cyrillic: Корё сарам).


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