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Tokyo (Japanese: 東京, Tōkyō, "aestren caipital") is the hame tae the Japanese govrenment an the emperor, makkin it the Caipital o Japan. It is the naition's maist populous urban aurie an aw (12 million fowk, or aboot 10 percent o the kintra's population, bides in Tokyo) an ane o the 47 prefecturs o Japan.

東京都 · Tokyo Metropolis
Frae top left: Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo Touer, Rainbow Bridge, Shibuya, Naitional Diet Biggin
Offeecial seal o Tokyo
Offeecial logo o Tokyo
Anthem: Tokyo Metropolitan Song (東京都歌, Tokyo Toka)[1]
Location o Tokyo in Japan
Location o Tokyo in Japan
Tokyo is locatit in Japan
Location o Tokyo in Japan
Coordinates: 35°41′22.22″N 139°41′30.12″E / 35.6895056°N 139.6917000°E / 35.6895056; 139.6917000Coordinates: 35°41′22.22″N 139°41′30.12″E / 35.6895056°N 139.6917000°E / 35.6895056; 139.6917000
Kintra Japan
Region Kantō
Island Honshu
Diveesions 23 special wairds, 26 ceeties, 1 destrict, & 4 subprefecturs
 • Teep Metropolis
 • Govrenor Yuriko Koike
 • Caipital Shinjuku
Aurie(rankit 45t)
 • Metropolis 2,187.66 km2 (844.66 sq mi)
 • Metro 13,572 km2 (5,240 sq mi)
Population (1 August 2011)[2][3]
 • Metropolis 13,185,502
 • Density 6,000/km2 (16,000/sq mi)
 • Metro 35,682,460
 • Metro density 2,629/km2 (6,810/sq mi)
 • 23 Wairds 8,967,665
  (2011 per Prefectural Govrenment)
Demonym(s) Tokyoite
Time zone Japan Staundart Time (UTC+9)
ISO 3166-2 JP-13
Flouer Somei-Yoshino cherry blossom
Tree Ginkgo tree (Ginkgo biloba)
Bird Black-heidit Gull (Larus ridibundus)


Tokyo is locate in the Kanto region on the island o Honshu. Its centre is at 35°41' North, 139°46' Aest (35.68333, 139.7667), but its borders extends tae ootlyin islands in the Paceefic Ocean, some sae hyne awa as 1,000 km sooth o the mainlaund.

Geografie an admeenistrative diveesionsEedit

Tokyo is north-wast o Tokyo Bay, an is aboot 90 km aest-tae-wast an 25 km north-tae-sooth. It borders Chiba Prefectur tae the aest, Yamanashi Prefectur tae the wast, Kanagawa Prefectur tae the sooth, an Saitama Prefectur tae the north. Forby thon it conseests o islands in the Paceefic Ocean directly sooth—the Izu Islands is closest, while the Ogasawara Islands raxes ower 1,000 km awa fae mainland Japan.

Sister relationshipsEedit


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