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São Paulo (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɐ̃w̃ ˈpawlu] ( listen)) is a state in Brazil. It is the major industrial an economic pouerhoose o the Brazilian economy. Named efter Saunt Paul, São Paulo haes the lairgest population, industrial pairk an economic production o the kintra. It is the richest state o Brazil. The caipital, São Paulo, is an aa the lairgest ceety in Sooth Americae.

State o São Paulo
Banner o State o São Paulo
Coat o airms o State o São Paulo
Coat o airms
Motto(s): Pro Brasilia Fiant Eximia (Laitin)
"Let great things be done for Brazil"
Anthem: Bandeirantes Anthem
Location o State o São Paulo in Brazil
Location o State o São Paulo in Brazil
Coordinates: 23°32′S 46°38′W / 23.533°S 46.633°W / -23.533; -46.633
Kintra  Brazil
Caipital an Lairgest Ceety São Paulo
 • Govrenor Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB)
 • Vice Govrenor Guilherme Afif Domingos
 • Total 248,209.4 km2 (95,834.2 sq mi)
Aurie rank 12t
Population (2010 census)[1]
 • Tot 41,252,160
 • Rank 1st
 • Density 170/km2 (430/sq mi)
 • Density rank 3rd
Demonym(s) Paulista
 • Year 2008 (IBGE)
 • Total R$ 1,003,016,000,000 (1st)
 • Per caipita R$ 24,456 (2nt)
 • Year 2005
 • Category 0.889 – heich (2nt)
Time zone BRT (UTC-3)
 • Simmer (DST) BRST (UTC-2)
Postal Code 01000-000 to 19990-000
ISO 3166 code BR-SP

Aften dubbed the "locomotive o Brazil", the state alane is responsible for 33.9% o Brazilian GDP, being the state wi the heichest GDP. In addition tae increased GDP, São Paulo an aa haes the third heichest Human Development Index, the seicont heichest GDP per capita, the seicont lowest infant mortality rate an the fowerth lowest rate o illiteracy amang the states o Brazil.

Wi ower forty million inhabitants, São Paulo is the maist populous state in Brazil an the third maist populous poleetical unit o Sooth Americae, anerlie surpassed bi that kintra an Colombie, aheid o aw ither Sooth American kintras. Its population is mair diverse descends mainly frae Brazil an Portuguese who wur the first Europeans tae set eyes on Brazil an installed the first veelages in Brazil in exactly the state o Sao Paulo an Italian immigrants, Native Americans, Africans an ither lairge migratory flows, as Arabs, Germans, Spainyie an Japanese. The caipital ceety is the saxt lairgest ceety on the planet an its metropolitan aurie, wi 19,223,897 inhabitants, is the saxt lairgest urban agglomeration in the warld.

Regions vera near the ceety o São Paulo are an aa metropolitan auries o the state, as Campinas an Santos; ither nearbi ceeties include urban auries in the conurbation process, as São José dos Campos, Sorocaba an Jundiaí. The total population o these auries coupled wi the caipital - the so-cawed Expandit Metropolitan Complex - exceeds 29 million inhabitants, approximately 75% o the population o São Paulo state-wide. The metropolitan regions o Campinas an São Paulo nou form the first macro-metropolis in the soothren hemisphere, joinin 65 kintras that thegither are hame tae 12% o the population.