Lima is the caipital an lairgest ceety o Peru. It is locatit in the valleys o the Chillón, Rímac an Lurín rivers, on a desert coast owerleukin the Paceefic Ocean. Thegither wi the seaport o Callao, it forms a contiguous urban aurie kent as the Lima Metropolitan Aurie. Wi a population fast approachin 9 million, Lima is the fift lairgest ceety in Latin Americae, efter Mexico Ceety, São Paulo, Buenos Aires an Rio de Janeiro. Lima haes been defined as a beta warld ceety.

Lima, Peru
Lima, Peru
Official seal of Lima
Ceety o Keengs
Hoc signum vere regum est −
Lima Province an Lima athin Peru
Lima Province an Lima athin Peru
Coordinates: 12°2′36″S 77°1′42″W / 12.04333°S 77.02833°W / -12.04333; -77.02833Coordinates: 12°2′36″S 77°1′42″W / 12.04333°S 77.02833°W / -12.04333; -77.02833
RegionLima Region
ProvinceLima Province
Destricts43 destricts
 • TeepMayor–cooncil govrenment
 • MayorJorge Muñoz (2019-2022)
 • City2672.3 km2 (1,031.8 sq mi)
 • Urban
800 km2 (300 sq mi)
 • Metro
2819.3 km2 (1,088.5 sq mi)
0–1548 m (0–5079 ft)
 • City10,852,210
 • Density4,100/km2 (11,000/sq mi)
 • Metro
 • Metro density3,500/km2 (9,000/sq mi)
 • Demonym
Limean (Spaingie: Limeño/a)
Time zoneUTC−5 (PET)

Lima wis foondit bi Spaingie conquistador Francisco Pizarro on Januar 18, 1535, as La Ciudad de los Reyes, or "The Ceety o Keengs." It became the caipital an maist important ceety in the Spainyie Viceroyalty o Peru. Follaein the Peruvian War o Unthirldom, it became the caipital o the Republic o Peru. The day, aroond ane-third o the Peruvian population lives in the metropolitan aurie.

Etymology Eedit

Accordin tae early Spaingie chronicles the Lima aurie wis ance cried Itchyma, efter its oreeginal inhabitants. Housomeivver, even afore the Inca occupation o the aurie in the 15t century, a famous oracle in the Rímac valley haed come to be kent bi visitors as limaq (limaq, pronoonced [ˈlimɑq], which means "talker" in coastal Quechua). This oracle wis eventually destroyed bi the Spaingie an replacit wi a kirk, but the name persistit in the local leid, thus the chronicles shaw "Límac" replacin "Ychma" as the common name for the aurie.

Internaitional relations Eedit

Twin touns — Sister ceeties Eedit

Lima is twinned wi:[2]

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