The InterRail pass is a train pass, anerly open tae residenters (meenimum 6 month) o Europe, that allous unleemitit traivel for a defined period o time, cep on special trains sic as heich-speed trains an some nicht trains. Residenters o ither kintras can coff the seemilar Eurail pass.

The fare structur is different frae that afore 1 Aprile 2007.

Global Pass eedit

The Global Pass is, cep for the kintra that the traiveler bides in, habile in aw European kintras that taks pairt: Austrick, Belgium, Bosnie an Herzegovinae, Bulgarie, Croatie, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Fraunce, Germany, Great Breetain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonie, Monaco, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Norrowey, Poland, Portugal, Romanie, Serbie, Slovakie, Slovenie, Spain, Swisserland, Swaden, Turkey.

It isna habile in the kintra that the traiveler bides in, an no on railweys in Albanie, Belarus, Estonie, Latvie, Lithuanie, Moldovae, Roushie an Ukraine. There arena railweys in Andorrae, Cyprus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Iceland, Malta or San Marino. L'Hospitalet-Près-l'Andorre in Fraunce is the ewest railwey station for Andorrae. Rimini in Italy is the ewest station for San Marino.

One-Country Pass eedit

The 'One-Country Pass' (Ae-Kintra Pass) is available for ilkane o the follaein kintras, cep the traiveler's hame kintra:

Kintras wi price level 1 (heichest):

  • Fraunce, Germany, Great Breetain, Ireland, Norrowey, Swaden

Kintras wi price level 2:

  • Austrick, Benelux, Finland, Greece Plus, Italy, Spain, Swisserland, Turkey

Kintras wi price level 3:

  • Croatie, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romanie

Kintras wi price level 4:

  • Bosnie an Herzegovinae, Bulgarie, Czech Republic, Macedonie, Serbie, Slovakie, Slovenie

There arna sindry passes for Belgium, Luxembourg, an the Netherlands, insteid there is ane for the hail o Benelux (price level 2). It is available for residents in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands an aw, but for thaim it is anerly valid in the twa kintras that arna thair hame kintra. The "Greece Plus" ticket includes ferry transpose atween Greece an Italy. Bosnie an Herzegovina an Montenegro daesna tak pairt in the Inter Rail One-Country Pass offer.

The One-Country Pass haes replaced the Eurodomino pass.