Great Breetain (spelt Gret Breetain or Gryte Breitaen; Inglis: Great Britain, Scots Gaelic: Breatainn Mhòr, Welsh: Prydain Fawr, Cornish: Breten Veur) is the mukkilest iland o the Breetish Isles, the mukkilest iland in Europe an the echt-mukkilest iland in the warld. It ligs til the nor'wast o Continental Europe, wi Ireland til the wast, an maks up the lairgest pairt o the territorie o the state kent as the Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Ireland. It is surroond'd bi ower ae thousan wee-er ilands.

Great Breetain frae space, wi pairt o Ireland til the wast



Great Breetain wis first sattilt bi fowk o the Stane Age, acause o the laich sie level.

Sin the Airn Age, the Celts haen bid on the iland, maistlie the Brythons.

The Romans rowlit Ingland atwein 43 A.D. an aboot 410 A.D..

The Anglo-Saxons fra modren Germany an Denmark invadit sooth an eist Ingland in the 5t centurie, an brocht the foond o Auld Inglis.

Vikings invadit an sattilt eistren Great Breetain in the 9t centurie an attackit monie ither auries o Breetain. In the 11t centurie the Normans, Vikings that sattilt the northren strand o Fraunce in the 10 centurie, invadit an rowlet Ingland wi heidsman William the Conqueror.



The historic kintras o Ingland, Scotland an the principalitie o Wales ar maistlins seetuate on the iland, alang wi thair caipital ceities: Lunnon, Edinburgh an Cairdiff respekivlie.

The iland wis brocht thegither unner ae croun in 1603 bi the Union o the Crouns, an unner ae pairlament in 1707 bi the Treatie o Union. See Kinrick o Great Breetain forby.

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Coordinates: 53°50′N 2°25′W / 53.833°N 2.417°W / 53.833; -2.417