Anglo-Saxons is the term uisually uised tae describe the invading Germanic tribes in the sooth an aest o Great Breetain frae the early 5t century AD, an thair creation o the Inglis naition, tae the Norman conquest o 1066. The Benedictine monk, Bede, identified them as the descendants o three Germanic tribes:

The Angles, who mey hae come frae Angeln (in modren Germany), an Bede wrote that thair whole naition came tae Breetain, leaving thair umwhile land empty. The name Ingland (Old Inglish: Engla land or Ængla land) oreeginates frae this tribe). The Saxons, frae Lawer Saxony (in modren Germany; German: Niedersachsen), an Holland The Jutes, frae the Jutland peninsula (in modren Denmark; Danish: Jylland) Thair leid, Old Inglis, derives frae "Ingvaeonic" Wast Germanic dialects an transformed intae Middle Inglis frae the 11t century. Old Inglis wis dividit intae fower main dialects: Wast Saxon, Mercian, Northumbrian an Kentish.