William the Conqueror

William the Conqueror (French: Guillaume le Conquérant) (circa 1028[1] – 9 September 1087), forby kent as William I o Ingland (Guillaume Ier d’Angleterre) an William II o Normandy (Guillaume II de Normandie), wis the first Norman Keeng o Ingland frae Christmas, 1066 till his daith. He wis forby Duke o Normandy frae 3 Julie 1035 till his daith. Afore his conquest o Ingland, he wis kent as William the Bastard (Guillaume le Bâtard) acause o the illegitimacy o his birth.

William the Conqueror
William as depictit in the Bayeux Tapestry during the Battle o Hastings, liftin his helm tae shaw that he is still alive
Keeng o Ingland
Ring25 December 1066 –
9 September 1087
Coronation25 December 1066
PredecessorEdgar the Ætheling (uncrouned)
(Otherwise) Harold II
SuccessorWilliam II o Ingland
Duke o Normandy
Ring3 Julie 1035 – 9 September 1087
PredecessorRobert I, Duke o Normandy
SuccessorRobert Curthose
BornAboot 1028[1]
Falaise, Normandy
Dee'd9 September 1087 (aged about 59)
Priory of Saint Gervase, Rouen, Normandy
BuirialSaint-Étienne de Caen, Fraunce
SpouseMatilda o Flanders
IssueRobert Curthose
William II
Henry I o Ingland
Adela, Coontess o Blois
Agatha o Normandy (existence doubtful)
HooseNorman dynasty
FaitherRobert I, Duke o Normandy
MitherHerleva o Falaise

Tae press his claim tae the Inglis croun, William invadit Ingland in 1066, leadin an airmy o Normans, Bretons, Flemings, an Frenchmen (frae Paris an Île-de-France) tae victory ower the Inglis forces o King Harold Godwinson at the Battle o Hastings, an suppressed subsequent Inglis revolts in wha haes become kent as the Norman Conquest.[2] His reign, whilk brocht Norman-French cultur tae Ingland, haed an impact on the subsequent course o Ingland in the Middle Ages. The details o that impact an the extent o the chynges hae been debatit bi scholars for centuries. In addition to the obvious change o ruler, his reign forby saw a programme o biggin an fortification, chynges tae the Inglis leid, a shift in the upper levels o society an the kirk, an adoption o some aspects o continental kirk reform.


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