Battle o Hastings

Coordinates: 50°54′43″N 0°29′15″E / 50.91194°N 0.48750°E / 50.91194; 0.48750

The Battle o Hastings[a] wis focht on 14 October 1066 atween the Norman-French airmy o William, the Duke o Normandy, an an Inglis airmy unner the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson, beginnin the Norman conquest o Ingland.

Battle o Hastings
Pairt o the Norman conquest o Ingland

Harold Rex Interfectus Est: "Keeng Harold wis killed". Scene frae the Bayeux Tapestry depictin the Battle o Hastings an the daith o Harold.
Date14 October 1066
LocationBattle near Hastings, East Sussex, Ingland
Result Decisive Norman victory
Normans English
Commanders an leaders
William o Normandy
Alan the Reid
William fitzOsbern
Eustace II, Coont o Boulogne
Harold Godwinson 
Gyrth Godwinson 
Leofwine Godwinson 
Unkent, estimates range frae 7,000 tae 12,000 Unkent, estimates range frae 5,000 tae 13,000


  1. Auld Inglis: Beadu Hǣstingum or Norman: Batâle dé Hastings