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Early MonarchsEedit

Keengs o Ingland didnae rule the hil' o the country til' 927 wi' Athelstan o' Ingland. Some people say thit' the first keeng wis Alfred the Great bit' seence he wis first ti' rule thi' entire island he will be the first on this leest.

Hoos' o WessexEedit

Hoos' o DenmarkEedit

Hoos' o Wessex (restored)Eedit

Hoos' o Denmark (restored)Eedit

Hoos' o Wessex (restored, seecond time)Eedit

Hoos' o NormandyEedit

Hoos' o BloisEedit

Hoos' o AnjouEedit

Hoos' o PlantagenetEedit

Hoos' o LancasterEedit

Hoos' o YorkEedit

Hoos' o Lancaster (restored)Eedit

Hoos' o York (restored)Eedit

Hoos' o TudorEedit

Hoos' o Stewart/StuartEedit

Loard ProteectersEedit

Hoos' o Stewart/Stuart (restored)Eedit