Lady Jane Grey (1536/1537 – (1554-02-12)12 Februar 1554), forby kent as Lady Jane Dudley[3] or The Nine Days' Queen,[4] wis an Inglis noblewoman an de facto monarch o Ingland frae 10 Julie till 19 Julie 1553. She wis a womin who dee'd at 17 yeirs o age, afta a failit coup by the Earal of Nothumbalan an harself, knowan as the 'devyse'. Undere the rean of Quene Mary, she wis executit the followin yier.

Lady Jane Grey
The Streatham portrait, discovered at the beginnin o the 21st century an believed tae be a copy o a contemporary portrait o Lady Jane Grey.[1]
Queen o Ingland an Ireland (disputit) (mair...)
Ring10 Julie 1553 – 19 Julie 1553[2]
PredecessorEdward VI
SuccessorMary I
Dee'd12 Februar 1554 (aged 16–17)
Touer o Lunnon, Lunnon
BuirialSt Peter ad Vincula, Lunnon
SpouseLord Guildford Dudley
FaitherHenry Grey, 1st Duke o Suffolk
MitherLady Frances Brandon
SeegnaturLady Jane Grey's signature


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