Philip II o Spain

Philip II (Spaingie: Felipe II; 21 Mey 1527 – 13 September 1598) wis Keeng o Spain[1] frae 1556 an o Portugal frae 1581 (as Philip I, Filipe I). Filippo de' Medici, Grand Prince o Tuscany wis named in his honour.

Philip II o Spain or Phillip the Prudent
Keeng o Naples
Ring25 Julie 1554 – 13 September 1598
PredecessorCharles V
SuccessorPhilip III
Keeng o Ingland an Ireland (jure uxoris)
Ring25 Julie 1554 – 17 November 1558
Predecessor an co-rulerMary I
SuccessorElizabeth I
Keeng o Spain
Reing16 Januar 1556 – 13 September 1598
PredecessorCharles I
SuccessorPhilip III
Keeng o Portugal an the Algarves
Ring25 Mairch 1581 – 13 September 1598
SuccessorPhilip III
Born21 Mey 1527(1527-05-21)
Valladolid, Spain
Dee'd13 September 1598(1598-09-13) (aged 71)
El Escorial, Spain
BuirialEl Escorial
SpouseMaria Manuela o Portugal
Mary I o Ingland
Elisabeth o Valois
Anna o Austrick
IssueCarlos, Prince o Asturies
Isabella Clara Eugenia
Catherine Michelle, Duchess o Savoy
Ferdinand, Prince o Asturias
Diego, Prince o Asturies
Philip III o Spain
HooseHabsburgs o Spain
FaitherCharles V, Haly Roman Emperor
MitherIsabella o Portugal
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
SeegnaturPhilip II o Spain or Phillip the Prudent's signature


  1. Spain wis a composite monarchy, an besides bein the seicont Philip tae rule Castille, he wis the first tae rule Aragon an the fowerth tae rule Navarre.