El Escorial

The Ryal Steid o San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Spaingie: Monasterio y Sitio de El Escorial en Madrid), commonly kent as El Escorial (Spaingie pronunciation: [el eskoˈɾi̯al]), is a historical residence o the Keeng o Spain, in the toun o San Lorenzo de El Escorial, aboot 45 kilometre (28 mile) northwast o the caipital, Madrid, in Spain. It is ane o the Spaingie ryal steids an functions as a monastery, basilica, ryal palace, pantheon, librar, museum, varsity an hospital. It is situatit 2.06 km (1.28 mi) up the valley (4.1 km [2.5 mi] road distance) frae the toun o El Escorial.

Ryal Steid o San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Vista aerea del Monasterio de El Escorial.jpg
A distant view o the Ryal Seat o San Lorenzo de El Escorial
LocationSan Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain
Coordinates40°35′20″N 4°08′52″W / 40.58889°N 4.14778°W / 40.58889; -4.14778Coordinates: 40°35′20″N 4°08′52″W / 40.58889°N 4.14778°W / 40.58889; -4.14778
ArchitectJuan Bautista de Toledo
Govrenin boukMeenistry o the Presidency
Offeecial name: Monastery an Steid o the Escorial, Madrid
Criteriai, ii, iv
Designatit1984 (8t session)
Reference no.318
State Pairty Spain
RegionEurope an North Americae
Offeecial name: Monasterio de San Lorenzo
TeepReal property
Designatit3 Juin 1931
Reference no.(R.I.) - 51 - 0001064 - 00000
El Escorial is located in Commonity o Madrid
El Escorial
Location o Ryal Steid o San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Commonity o Madrid